higher administrations

prof . Dr /  Ayman El-sayed Ahmed Amera                       Dean of the college

Prof. Dr.Gamal Mahrous Attia                              Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. / Muhammad Abu Zaid Al-Barwani            Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Dr./ saeed mohamed Abdel-Aty                 Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

Prof. Dr. mohamed berbar                                                Head of the Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-kader                         Head of the Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics 

Prof. Dr. Osama Fawzy Zahran                                          Head of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications

Prof. Hamdy Ahmed Ali                                                      Head of the Department of Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering

  Mr / Ali Omar Mostafa                                                      Director General of the College