Dealing with the problems of education

The college deals with education problems:

(1) numerical excess density of students:

In the lectures:
The Department of Education Affairs in the College divides the students of one division into three groups, so that the group is formed

One is within the limits of three hundred students, and the course professor repeats one lecture for each group separately.

* In the lessons of theoretical exercises and laboratories:
The Department of Education Affairs takes into consideration that the number of students per class is within thirty students.
(2) Private lessons:
In order to reduce the problem of private lessons, a phenomenon that spread in pre-university education stages and its impact transferred to university education, the college is proposing an alternative to education groups on campus under the supervision of the College Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.


(3) Poor resources available:
Governmental resources for university education are limited, and the college on its part is trying to increase resources by establishing units of a special nature such as the Engineering Consulting Center, the Scientific Account Center, and the production workshops that, through its relationship with the internal and external college community, offer a number of educational courses, provide advice Engineering, office and home furniture industry.


(4) University book:
Due to the high prices of university books, the faculty members of the college prepare notes that contain the scientific material required for the academic courses at prices affordable for middle-income students, and for students who are unable, the Youth Welfare Department at the College provides these notes for free.