Its role in community service
Its role in community service


The distinctive features of the college and its role in community service:
The features of the current competitive position of the college compared to the corresponding colleges in the country are:
* The availability of a number of distinguished faculty members in scientific research at the state level, and a number of them obtained international and national awards.

** The participation of a number of professors in the arbitration committees and the promotion committees for professors and assistant professors.

** Participation of some faculty members in authoring some research references for international publishing houses.

** A number of college graduates held prestigious university positions, 2 university presidents, and 2 university vice presidents.

** Competition with graduates at the local and regional levels, in the fields of electronics, communications, computers and automatic control engineering.

** The College of Electronic Engineering is a qualitative and atypical college in the fields of electronic engineering and has a lead in this specialization since its inception in 1965 until now. The number of faculty members is estimated to have more than one hundred members of this specialty.
** The college is a principal participant in the conference on radio science.


** The faculty has a peer-reviewed journal.


** Providing distinguished programs compared to the corresponding colleges in the field of electronics engineering, represented by Bachelor of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering programs, Bachelor of Industrial and Control Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Science.


** Preparing a graduate at a high level of practice.


** Providing technological training programs to serve the college and society


** Providing consulting services to institutions, society and the surrounding environment.


** The existence of the college separately in the middle of an industrial community (Sadat, Quesna, Benha)

** The College prepares and awards academic degrees (diplomas, masters, and doctorates) to graduate students and international students.
** The total area of ​​the college is estimated at fourteen acres, with large green areas, and is subject to future expansions and adding new buildings.
 It is worth noting in this regard that the workshop on labor market requirements of skills for graduates of engineering colleges, which was organized by the Quality Assurance Unit in the college in June 2009, made it clear that there is a demand from the labor market for college graduates, as it was mentioned in the working paper presented by Benha Electronic Industries that about 80% of the company's engineers in the field of electronics and communications are college graduates.

The keenness of the labor market companies to appoint the first graduates from the various departments of the college is also evident in the activities of the Graduate Day, which is held in November of every year.

In addition, the survey that was distributed on the graduates' day to the leaders of the labor market showed that the college’s graduates have high competence in their workplace.