College goals
The College's Strategic Objectives:

The strategic objectives were re-approved - College Board in April 2012:


1- Continuous updating of curricula and programs with the requirements of the labor market.

2- Ensuring the quality of the educational process in order to obtain accreditation for the academic programs granted by the college.

3- Scientific research developed and directed for the comprehensive development of the environment and society and in line with global development.

4- Upholding the values ​​and ideals among students.

5- Cooperating with industrial institutions in the field of specialization and investing them to create distinguished training opportunities for students and work for graduates.

6- An outstanding graduate who keeps pace with the challenges of the times and competes at the local and regional levels.
7- Distinguished faculty member.
8- Establishing and developing engineering service and consulting centers in the field of specialization to serve the environment and the surrounding community.
9- An effective management system.
10- The faculty has a high position among the corresponding faculties.