About Menouf Engineering

About the College of Electronic Engineering in Menouf


The college was established in 1965 under the name of the Higher Institute of Electronics under the Ministry of Higher Education. The subordination of the institute was transferred from the Ministry of Higher Education to Tanta University under the name of the College of Electronic Engineering by Prime Minister Decree No. 924 in the year 1975 AD.
Menoufia University was established by Law No. 93 of 1976 issued on 8/14/1976 AD which stipulates that the University of Menoufia consists of the faculties of Tanta University in Shebin El-Kom and Menouf in order to participate with the rest of the Egyptian universities in carrying out the mission of university education in Egypt, then the Prime Minister's Decree No. 1142 was issued. For the year 1976 and issued on 11/25/1976, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering is affiliated to Menoufia University.
The Faculty of Electronic Engineering - Menoufia University is considered the only one in Egyptian, Arab and African universities and institutes that are interested in one major in engineering sciences, which is electronics science, as the first three years are considered general for all student departments, and specializations begin in the third and fourth year for three departments serving in the field of communications, computers, information, control and electronic Industrial.
The total area of ​​the college is 52,000 square meters (fifty-two thousand square meters), equivalent to 13 acres, and the college includes two runways with a capacity of (400 students) and ten specialized laboratories, 3 drawing rooms, 6 workshops, a library with three halls, a computer center, 3 computer halls and a research hall, in addition to classrooms and workers' rooms, in addition to other facilities under construction at a total cost of ten million pounds and is awaiting completion, in addition to the sports, cultural, artistic and social activities and university cities for college students.