Important Notice for MU Students

Important Notice for MU Students

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, confirmed that the university continues to give vaccinations to all students and quickly directed registration on the university platform to obtain vaccination at the earliest opportunity, noting that registration on the Ministry of Health website has been suspended under the name of a university student for vaccination against the Corona virus, and to return to registration on the university platform. To be vaccinated through vaccination points against the Corona virus inside the university only, and the president of the university stressed that students will not be allowed to enter the university starting from the first of November for those who are not vaccinated, to  preserve public health and in implementation of the directions of the Egyptian state to face the emerging corona virus.



Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow the following steps to obtain the vaccination: Log in to the website


Then go to the following link by writing down the national number and choosing the name of the college the student is enrolled in to get the date and place of the vaccination: