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A recent study at Menoufia University recommends the use of fruit peel to improve liver function and to treat obesity diseases

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A recent study at  Faculty of Home Economics, Menoufia University, examined the effect of using fruit peel on the treatment of rats infected with hepatotoxicity in carbon tetrachloride, by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science conducted by researcher Asmaa Ahmed Sedek  for a master's degree.

The study called for the importance of using lemon peel, orange, mango at a concentration of 2.5% and concentration of 5% of each type in addition to the mixture of these crusts. This mixture led to improved liver function, total glycerol ate, calcium, high cholesterol and obesity.

Therefore, the study recommended the use of mixtures of these crusts in pastries, baked goods and capsules to strengthen the nutritional status and improve the liver patients.

The study was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Mostafa El Sayed, Professor of Nutrition and Food Science, and former dean of the Faculty of Home Economics, Dr. Ayman Al-Adawi, Professor of Nutrition and Food Science, and Dr. Abeer Nazih, Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Food Science, Faculty of Home Economics.