Special Educational Programs offered by Faculty of Commerce


Special Educational programs offered by Faculty of Commerce

Special Program at Faculty of Commerce

1- Study program in English

The College offers a special program for financial studies in the Accounting and Business Administration departments in English.

The implementation of this program began in the academic year 1999/2000 where 220 students were accepted according to the rules set by the College Council. This number is likely to increase for college board decisions. There is a supreme committee for supervision and follow up on this section.

For more details and information, contact the Academic Coordinator for English language instruction

Phone / 0482220011.Fax: 0482220011



2 - Open Education Program

The beginning of the academic year 2006/2007 Start the implementation of the new program and open education, which allows the campaign of high school and technical institutes and university graduates to study for a bachelor's degree in commercial science. The study takes place on Friday and Saturday of each week. For more information contact the Open Education Secretary

Phone / 0482220011.Fax: 0482220011

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3. Postgraduate program in English

This program will be implemented soon

For more information, you can contact Dr.  Vice Dean  for Post graduate  Studies and Research

Phone / 0482220011.Fax: 0482220011

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