Menofia University (MU) was founded in 1976. It started withfour faculties with nearly 9500 students, 214 staff members and 372 assistingmembers. It has steadily and remarkably developed to be one of the largest universities in Egypt.Today the University includes 22 faculties & institutes with about 80000 students and  3500 teaching  staff members .


The University hastwo campuses. The main cam­pus is located in the city of Shebin EL-koum, thecap­ital of Menofia Governorate, which is 75 Km from Cairo.


The University’sother branch has been recently established in accordance with the presidentialdecree No 267, for the year 2006. It is located in SadatCity, 60 Km from Shebin EL-koum, and 90 Km from Cairo.