centers of Excellence

Faculty of Electronic Engineering

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering at Menoufia University is the only one in the Egyptian, Arab and African colleges and institutes that are interested in engineering and electronics sciences.

Academic Departments:


    Department of Industrial Electronics Engineering and Automatic Control.

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

    Department of Electronics Engineering and Electrical Communication.

    Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics


National Liver Institute, Shebin El Koum City


The Institute's mission is to provide the best treatment and research services for liver patients in the various departments of the Institute and to graduate a new generation of doctors specializing in the treatment of liver diseases by granting them the master's and doctorate degrees in three branches specialized in liver diseases (Hepatology , pediatrics Hepatology, liver surgery ).

Scientific Departments:


    Department of liver tumors and nuclear medicine

    Department of Physiology and Functions.

    Department of Pathology.

    Department of viruses and microorganisms

    Department of Clinical Surgery.

    Department of liver diseases in children.

    Department of radiation therapy.

    Department of Internal Medicine. .

    Department of Tropical Medicine.

    Department of Medical Analysis and Hematology.

    Parasitology Department.

    Department of Health and Environment.

    Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.