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19/04/2021 The President of Menoufia University announces raising the state of maximum preparedness in university hospitals to receive the injured in the Toukh train accident ~//NewsDetails/143201/en
12/04/2021 A stable family - safe society .. Seminar at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143195/en
12/04/2021 Menoufia University organizes an integrated convoy to Iraqia village. ~//NewsDetails/143196/en
07/04/2021 Mubarak marks the opening of the virtual fifty-third session of the General Conference of the Federation of Arab Universities by hosting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ~//NewsDetails/143187/en
06/04/2021 The Faculty of Arts is organizing a talent festival to mark the International francophone Day ~//NewsDetails/143188/en
06/04/2021 Vice President of Menoufia University for Postgraduate Studies holds a meeting of the Council of Graduate Studies. ~//NewsDetails/143189/en
05/04/2021 The launch of the activities of the International Environmental Cultural Forum (Human Sciences and the Challenges of the Age) in in Faculty of Arts. ~//NewsDetails/143182/en
05/04/2021 Tomorrow: Faculty of Agriculture celebrates the 6th field day at the Al Raheb farm. ~//NewsDetails/143183/en
05/04/2021 Vice President of Menoufia University for Education and Students Affairs participates in the 26th Forum to exchange offers for training Arab university students in Tanta. ~//NewsDetails/143185/en
03/04/2021 The coordination meeting of the colleges participating in the National Project for Literacy and Adult Education at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/143181/en
03/04/2021 Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, inaugurate the food products exhibition at Faculty of Agriculture. ~//NewsDetails/143180/en
03/04/2021 Faculty of Arts organizes the International Environmental Cultural Forum on Humanities and the Challenges of the Age. ~//NewsDetails/143176/en
02/04/2021 Menoufia University accredits the first training course for the Certified Digital Trainer (CDT) ~//NewsDetails/143177/en
31/03/2021 Tomorrow: Menoufia University celebrates Orphan Day. ~//NewsDetails/143170/en
30/03/2021 Menoufia University holds a Qualifying meeting for the administrative body and the Arab Company for Engineering Consulting to get the ISO ~//NewsDetails/143171/en
29/03/2021 Opening the door for paper transfer for new Egyptian General Secondary Certificate holders , and the equivalent for the year 2020 ~//NewsDetails/143172/en
29/03/2021 Menoufia University launches Training Courses on Empowerment and Negotiation skills for people with High Needs. ~//NewsDetails/143173/en
28/03/2021 Conclusion of interviews for applicants for positions of general managers at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143174/en
26/03/2021 Our sincere condolences and sympathy to the victims of Tahta trains crashing in Sohag. ~//NewsDetails/143158/en
23/03/2021 The President of the University of Menoufi honors the Director-General of Special Accounts for reaching the pension age ~//NewsDetails/143167/en
23/03/2021 In accordance with the Super Incubator Initiative. Mubarak honors outstanding students from medical, engineering, electronic engineering, science and agriculture colleges ~//NewsDetails/143168/en
20/03/2021 The University of Menoufia is finishing in the Ibdaa 9 Competition in the field of ideal students. ~//NewsDetails/143165/en
17/03/2021 The University of Menoufi discusses the new in renewable energy and building sustainable societies in Egypt. ~//NewsDetails/143146/en
17/03/2021 Mubarak is visiting the College of Agriculture and opening the detergent and disinfectant unit. ~//NewsDetails/143147/en
17/03/2021 Today: At the Faculty of Early Childhood Education a virtual seminar on the importance of detecting and developing child talent. ~//NewsDetails/143148/en
16/03/2021 Tomorrow: Solar energy systems and their applications at a scientific symposium at the University of Menoufia. ~//NewsDetails/143149/en
08/03/2021 Menoufia University President congratulates women on their International Day and stresses their Important Role in Development. ~//NewsDetails/143142/en
06/03/2021 The Minister of Higher Education and the President of Menoufia University inspect the examinations at Faculty of Education . ~//NewsDetails/143128/en
06/03/2021 Electronic engineering gets the best project in the Academy of Scientific Research ~//NewsDetails/143130/en
05/03/2021 Al-Bagoury participates in the Supreme Council for Community Service Affairs Online. ~//NewsDetails/143131/en
04/03/2021 The Secretary General of Menoufia University honors the Director of the Internal Services Department for reaching the age pension ~//NewsDetails/143132/en
03/03/2021 Registration is open for the Second Session of preparing Certified Digital Trainer (CDT) program at the Center for Strategic Studies, Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143133/en
03/03/2021 Al-Bagoury holds the sixth session of the Council for Community Service and Environmental Development ~//NewsDetails/143134/en
02/03/2021 A coordination meeting to activate a dignified life initiative between Menoufia University and the Ministry of Social Solidarity in the field of adult education ~//NewsDetails/143135/en
24/02/2021 Students of the University of Menoufia in a meeting with Grand Mufti of Egypt and the Minister ~//NewsDetails/143127/en
23/02/2021 Students of the University of Menoufia in the national competition Ebdaa 9 ~//NewsDetails/143125/en
23/02/2021 The Centre for Strategic Studies of the University of Menoufia is launching training courses on the effective behaviour of a successful leader. ~//NewsDetails/143126/en
21/02/2021 The rector of the University of Menoufia checks the production units and renovations of the Alraheb farm. ~//NewsDetails/143124/en
19/02/2021 The Vocational Training Centre of the University of Menoufia announces the start of enrollment for students and graduates for the free training of the Arts for Africa programme. ~//NewsDetails/143123/en
17/02/2021 Important Announcement ~//NewsDetails/143122/en
17/02/2021 Electronic engineering wins the first place as the best academy at the level of Egyptian universities ~//NewsDetails/143121/en
16/02/2021 Mubarak during the laboratory committee meeting. ~//NewsDetails/143119/en
16/02/2021 Mubarak is following up on preparations for the first semester exams and puts up a competition to design the logo of Menoufia National University and set a financial prize of 5,000 pounds ~//NewsDetails/143120/en
15/02/2021 Menoufia University Center for Career Development announces the largest recruitment and training platform for students and graduates throughout the year ~//NewsDetails/143118/en
14/02/2021 An interview with Secretary-General of the University ~//NewsDetails/143113/en
14/02/2021 Conclusion of the first internal reference to General Secretariat of Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/143114/en
14/02/2021 Achievements of the Secretary-General's Sector ~//NewsDetails/143117/en
11/02/2021 Management communication skills. Training course for Personnel of Faculty of medical science . ~//NewsDetails/143112/en
11/02/2021 The Internal Regulations of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in the Council of Education Affairs at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/143111/en
10/02/2021 The Opening Session of the Internal Auditing according to the Specifications of ISO at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/143116/en
10/02/2021 Mubarak meets the Military Adviser of Menoufia governorateand honors the Director of the Department of Military Education of the University ~//NewsDetails/143109/en
08/02/2021 cooperation Protocol between Menoufia University and the Ministry of Endowments to train imams ~//NewsDetails/143106/en
07/02/2021 Faculty of Specific Education follows the final preparations to get the Accrediation. ~//NewsDetails/143105/en
07/02/2021 Al-Bagouri attends the conclusion of the leadership preparation course and talks about facing the Corona crisis . ~//NewsDetails/143104/en
06/02/2021 'Updating the Vision and Mission of the College' at a workshop at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering ~//NewsDetails/143103/en
27/01/2021 Menoufia National University, at Toukh Tanbasha ... A new achievement is achieved ~//NewsDetails/143085/en
27/01/2021 10th anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution ~//NewsDetails/143086/en
27/01/2021 The President of Mennoufia University honors the Director General of Legal Affairs for reaching the age of pension. ~//NewsDetails/143087/en
27/01/2021 Good news for the people of the province. ~//NewsDetails/143089/en
27/01/2021 The Center for Strategic Studies at Menoufia University concludes its interactive course on decision-making and crisis response. ~//NewsDetails/143090/en
27/01/2021 Menoufia Nursing follows up on the implementation of the EU project for the development of higher education in cooperation with the Directorate of Health. ~//NewsDetails/143092/en
27/01/2021 Mubarak holds the monthly meeting of the Committee of Scientific Laboratories and Devices and reviews the projects of the investment plan ~//NewsDetails/143094/en
26/01/2021 Your tuition expenses are electronic. ~//NewsDetails/143084/en
21/01/2021 Mubarak attends the conclusion of the training workshop of the internal review team of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143067/en
21/01/2021 Mubarak holds the monthly meeting of the Committee of Scientific Laboratories and Devices and reviews the projects of the investment plan. ~//NewsDetails/143068/en
20/01/2021 Menoufia University President stresses on the Commitment to all Preventive and Precautionary Measures during his Monthly Meeting with the Deans of faculties ~//NewsDetails/143069/en
20/01/2021 Reducing fees for half for trainees with high abilities at the Center for Strategic Studies at Menoufia University of Minoufia ~//NewsDetails/143070/en
20/01/2021 Menoufia University organizes interactive courses on crisis management, planning skills and times of change ~//NewsDetails/143071/en
18/01/2021 The conclusion of the blood donation festival at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143058/en
18/01/2021 Youth Welfare at Menoufia University organizes the chess competition online. ~//NewsDetails/143072/en
18/01/2021 Menoufia University organizes interactive courses on crisis management, planning skills and times of change ~//NewsDetails/143055/en
18/01/2021 Menoufia University Youth Welfare organizes an online chess competition. ~//NewsDetails/143056/en
18/01/2021 Sincere condolences and sympathy for the death of Dr. Abdel-Rahman Qarman, the former Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development ~//NewsDetails/143057/en
09/01/2021 Mubarak congratulates Al-Khouly for his appointment as president of the New Mansoura University ~//NewsDetails/143063/en
07/01/2021 The jury praises the theatrical performance at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143064/en
21/12/2020 Menoufia University President reassure laila's condition after she undergoes a liver transplant surgery ~//NewsDetails/143032/en
21/12/2020 Mubarak opens HD BrachyTherapy Unit The fifth service on the level of Egypt ~//NewsDetails/143035/en
19/12/2020 Menoufia University achieves first place in the Martyr Al-Rifai Championship ~//NewsDetails/143045/en
19/12/2020 Results of the ideal student competition for faculties of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143046/en
17/12/2020 The President of Menoufia University holds the monthly session for scientific laboratories and devices ~//NewsDetails/143048/en
17/12/2020 The President of Menoufia University honors the Assistant Secretary General of the University ~//NewsDetails/143049/en
16/12/2020 The President of Menoufia University inaugurates the building of the Faculty of Dentistry ~//NewsDetails/143051/en
16/12/2020 The President of Menoufia University inaugurates the Faculty of Mass Communication ~//NewsDetails/143052/en
09/12/2020 Adel Al-Shawish Vice Dean for Faculty of Arts for Education and Students Affairs. ~//NewsDetails/143026/en
09/12/2020 71 students participate in the ideal student competition at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143027/en
09/12/2020 Farouk Mohamed Ahmed, Vice Dean for Faculty of Law for Postgraduate Studies. ~//NewsDetails/143028/en
09/12/2020 Mubarak inaugurates the activities of the International Conference of Faculty of Education .. "Development of Creativity in Arab Societies" ~//NewsDetails/143025/en
06/12/2020 Important announcement ~//NewsDetails/143013/en
06/12/2020 The end of the competition of the best youth initiative for the universities of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143014/en
05/12/2020 Dean of Electronic Engineering inspects the mid-term exams for the first semester ~//NewsDetails/143015/en
05/12/2020 The faculty of Education prepares for the events of the tenth International the fourth , Scientific Conference for Education on 9th December ~//NewsDetails/143016/en
22/11/2020 Mubarak heads a round table for business owners to discuss the consequences of corona on opportunities in the labour market ~//NewsDetails/143005/en
22/11/2020 Monoufia University is ranked fourth in the Cycling race in the Egyptian universities’ cycle ~//NewsDetails/143006/en
21/11/2020 Upholding values and principles in building a new generation at a symposium in the faculty of Home economics ~//NewsDetails/143007/en
19/11/2020 A Presidential Decree to appoint Dr.Amgad Omara as the dean of the Faculty of Commerce ,Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/143009/en
18/11/2020 Menoufia University President inaugurates a series of awareness and educational seminars for students ~//NewsDetails/142999/en
17/11/2020 Menoufia University Hospitals develop a preparedness plan to deal with any emergency situation during the coming period ~//NewsDetails/143001/en
15/11/2020 Menoufia University participates in the opening of the 48th sports Tournament for Egyptian universities in the Administrative Capital ~//NewsDetails/142990/en
15/11/2020 Mubarak receives the shield of humanitarian ambassadors from the Arab International Festival for People with Special Needs. ~//NewsDetails/142992/en
14/11/2020 Five Professors of Electronic Engineering are among the top 2% of World Scientists in the Stanford University Competition. ~//NewsDetails/142996/en
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