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12/05/2020 The university president meets the second group of the Monofiya medicine doctors, who are assigned to work in quarantine hospital in Al-Bagour ~//NewsDetails/142807/en
12/05/2020 Interviews of applicants for the post of Dean of the Menoufia National liver Institute ~//NewsDetails/142808/en
11/05/2020 President of Menoufia University follows up the acts of the University Facilities Committee. ~//NewsDetails/142809/en
10/05/2020 Dr. Huda Al-Sobky is head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Faculty of Medicine.Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142810/en
07/05/2020 Forty-seven were assigned to work as directors of departments in various units of Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142811/en
07/05/2020 Adjusting the status of 200 employees ~//NewsDetails/142812/en
06/05/2020 Evaluation of the program of good antibiotic management in a PhD thesis at the National liver Institute at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142813/en
06/05/2020 Nabil Shatat is General Manager of Financial and Administrative Guidance at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142803/en
05/05/2020 The Vice-President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies holds a meeting of the Central Library Committee via electronic meeting platforms ~//NewsDetails/142804/en
05/05/2020 Research Projects ~//NewsDetails/142802/en
03/05/2020 Vice-President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies and research holds a meeting of the Committee for the Scientific Research Unit Online . ~//NewsDetails/141801/en
03/05/2020 Under the Chairmanship of El-kased, The Faculty Members Grievances Committee at Menoufia University holds its 6th online session ~//NewsDetails/141802/en
01/05/2020 Congratulations to the Egyptian people and to the people of Menoufia University on the occasion of the celebration of Labor Day ~//NewsDetails/142806/en
25/04/2020 Congratulations by the University President on The Holy Month Of Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141795/en
22/04/2020 Congratulations by the University President on The Holy Month Of Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141796/en
22/04/2020 Faculty of Education supports the Educational Awareness of the Egyptian family in the face of the Corona Pandemic. ~//NewsDetails/141797/en
22/04/2020 A Recent Study at Menoufia University supports the Efficiency of Electronic Shopping in supporting Family Resources ~//NewsDetails/141798/en
22/04/2020 Faculty of Nursing educates Citizens about the Dangers of Obesity in an Online Educational Convoy. ~//NewsDetails/141799/en
21/04/2020 Minister of higher Education ends his visit to Menoufia University by inspecting “Elrahb farm” ~//NewsDetails/141783/en
21/04/2020 Minister of higher Education and President of Al Monofiya University inspected the farm of “Toukh tanbsha” ~//NewsDetails/141784/en
19/04/2020 "Headed by Elkased" The Committee of faculty members in Al-Menoufia university holds its Online session ~//NewsDetails/141785/en
19/04/2020 President of Monoufia University and Committee of media sector in an inspection tour of the Faculty of Media ~//NewsDetails/141787/en
19/04/2020 The products of the Faculty of Agriculture Menoufia University are contributing to meeting the needs of the community of vegetables, meat and dairy products. ~//NewsDetails/141786/en
18/04/2020 An important statement ~//NewsDetails/141788/en
18/04/2020 Menoufia University President decides to pay a reward for Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141789/en
17/04/2020 Sunday: The Professional Development Center at Al-Monoufia University organizes an online seminar about Nawah Scientific and the conditions of appointment. ~//NewsDetails/141790/en
16/04/2020 An awareness convoy of the faculty of nursing, Menoufia University to prevent Corona virus through the Internet ~//NewsDetails/141769/en
16/04/2020 Menoufia University President congratulates Coptic brothers on Easter ~//NewsDetails/141771/en
16/04/2020 Home economics ,Menoufia University calls for more precautionary measures and strengthening immunity to healthy food. ~//NewsDetails/141772/en
15/04/2020 Monoufia University team for religious chants and hymns wins the first place in” Ebdaa 8” ~//NewsDetails/141775/en
14/04/2020 Start a complete sterilization gate in Menoufia University hospitals ~//NewsDetails/141779/en
14/04/2020 Menoufia University produces muzzles , head and foot covers and face and gowns to meet the needs of the community. ~//NewsDetails/141780/en
14/04/2020 Training courses continue at the Faculty and leadership Development Center at Menoufia University Online. ~//NewsDetails/141781/en
13/04/2020 Mubarak congratulates Hefnawi for his appointment as President of Al Salam University. ~//NewsDetails/141794/en
09/04/2020 Menofia University students face "Corona" through electronic marketing for Egyptian and Arab university students on the internet. ~//NewsDetails/141767/en
09/04/2020 Menofia University Council donates a quarter of its salary for three months to Tahya Misr Fund. ~//NewsDetails/141768/en
08/04/2020 Alkased holds the meeting of the Council of Graduate Studies and Research at Menofia University online. ~//NewsDetails/141757/en
08/04/2020 A Menofia University medical convoy headed to the central security sector in our army in Quweisna ~//NewsDetails/141759/en
08/04/2020 The medical camp of menofia University in Mit Khalaf opened external receptions for the governorate's citizens ~//NewsDetails/141760/en
08/04/2020 Under the chairmanship of El Kased University Libraries Committee, its eighth meeting will be held through electronic meeting platforms. ~//NewsDetails/141761/en
08/04/2020 Vice-President of Menofia University of Graduate Studies held the Eighth Committee meeting through Electronic Meeting Platforms. ~//NewsDetails/141762/en
08/04/2020 Dr. Tawfiq Abdel-Mutaleb is the executive director of the National liver Institute hospital in Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141763/en
06/04/2020 An online seminar for Syngenta International Company , organized by the Professional Development Center in Menofia University. ~//NewsDetails/141764/en
06/04/2020 Dr. Mohamed Al-Sawi is executive director of Menofia University hospitals ~//NewsDetails/141765/en
06/04/2020 Elkased holds the eighth committee meeting of the Council for Community Service Affairs in Menoufia University through video conference. ~//NewsDetails/141766/en
31/03/2020 A Generous Donation from Good People of goodness: Providing a Number of Preventive Medical Supplies to the University Hospitals in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/141752/en
31/03/2020 Statement by the Crisis Management Group of the Faculty of Medicine and Hospitals. ~//NewsDetails/141753/en
30/03/2020 The Monitoring Group at Menoufia University meets to develop Policies and Mechanisms for Action ~//NewsDetails/141754/en
30/03/2020 Dean of the Faculty of Medicine follows the Sterilization Work in the Kidney Dialysis unit and reassures the Medical Team. ~//NewsDetails/141755/en
30/03/2020 As a part from #stay home campaign ,the Center for the Treatment of toxins and Addictions at the hospitals of Menofia University announces Hotline for receiving citizens' complaints ~//NewsDetails/141756/en
27/03/2020 600 pounds for Resident Doctors, Assistant Lecturers , Pharmacists, Nursing, Workers and Security at University Hospitals and the National Liver Institute. ~//NewsDetails/141726/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Medicine holds a Coordination Meeting between Medical Service Providers in the Governorate to Monitor the Suspected Cases. ~//NewsDetails/141727/en
25/03/2020 MU President confirms the diagnosis of 620 E-clinics ~//NewsDetails/141728/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Sciences continues the sterilization and disinfection operations to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141729/en
25/03/2020 The University President is following up the Medical Sector to face the Emerging Crisis of the Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141730/en
24/03/2020 President of Menoufia University directs to announce all student results in the first semester. ~//NewsDetails/141731/en
24/03/2020 Al-Bagoury follows up the sterilization and disinfection works at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141732/en
23/03/2020 Faculty of Specific Education activate Distance Learning Platforms via YouTube Channel. ~//NewsDetails/141733/en
22/03/2020 Menoufia University won the Electronic Games Championship and the 3rd Sports Navigation Championship. ~//NewsDetails/141736/en
21/03/2020 MU President thanks the faculty members for their cooperation in uploading the curriculum electronically ~//NewsDetails/141737/en
18/03/2020 Secretary-General of the University, honored Salama El sabahy. ~//NewsDetails/141751/en
17/03/2020 Menoufia University continues sterilization of its colleges and units ~//NewsDetails/141748/en
16/03/2020 Hayam Mustafa Vice Dean for Faculty of Specific Education for community Service and Environmental Development Affairs. ~//NewsDetails/141739/en
16/03/2020 The Rector thanks all Employees of the University Cities ~//NewsDetails/141703/en
16/03/2020 Sterilization of Faculty of Home Economics to face Coronavirus. ~//NewsDetails/141704/en
16/03/2020 6 Applicants for the position of Dean of Faculty of Law. ~//NewsDetails/141749/en
15/03/2020 Suspension of the Third International Conference of Faculty of Engineering until further notice. ~//NewsDetails/141706/en
15/03/2020 The Rector follows up the Plan to face the Corona Virus Crisis. ~//NewsDetails/141707/en
15/03/2020 General guidelines to limit the corona virus outbreak and the methods of prevention to be followed ............ ~//NewsDetails/141708/en
15/03/2020 Activation of Remot Education ~//NewsDetails/141709/en
15/03/2020 Menoufia University: Suspension of Courses of Strategic Studies Center for for a period of two weeks ~//NewsDetails/141711/en
13/03/2020 Suspension of the Study Tomorrow at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141712/en
11/03/2020 Tomorrow is an official holiday at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141720/en
10/03/2020 Call for proposals for African cooperation projects are now open , total of 10 million Euros for this year. ~//NewsDetails/141702/en
09/03/2020 Next Saturday: Children’s University in Menoufia organizes a workshop in the fields of Drama and Music. ~//NewsDetails/141678/en
09/03/2020 Menoufia University Convoys raises Health Awareness about Coruna Virus in Remote Villages ~//NewsDetails/141679/en
08/03/2020 The Rector congratulates woman on her World Day. ~//NewsDetails/141687/en
08/03/2020 A Resolution to form Board of Directors of (Geography and Geomatics) Program . ~//NewsDetails/141684/en
08/03/2020 Adult Education Center at Menoufia University Participate in the 4th international conference of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University. ~//NewsDetails/141681/en
07/03/2020 Jamal Al-Dahshan a Member of the Counter-Extremism and Terrorism Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture ~//NewsDetails/141685/en
02/03/2020 The Rector honors Dr. Mohamed Khalil ~//NewsDetails/141671/en
02/03/2020 The importance of Performance Evaluation, Skills Development and Preparation of Leadership cadres. ~//NewsDetails/141673/en
02/03/2020 Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sebaei Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development at Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141675/en
02/03/2020 Activating the Initiative to integrate Students into the National Project for Literacy and Adult Education at Faculty of Physical Education. ~//NewsDetails/141677/en
01/03/2020 Faculty of Specific Education is preparing to compete in the Government Excellence Competition. ~//NewsDetails/141646/en
01/03/2020 Inception Team is organizing an Entertaining Party at Faculty of Science on the Occasion of the New Semester. ~//NewsDetails/141648/en
01/03/2020 The Measurement and Evaluation Committee at the Supreme University Council in a visit to Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141649/en
29/02/2020 Tomorrow: An introductory meeting with the Egypt Prize for Government Excellence at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141647/en
29/02/2020 The Rector’s Tour to Faculty of Specific Education. ~//NewsDetails/141651/en
27/02/2020 Opening the door to apply for the Excellence Center scholarship In Energy in Electronic Engineering ~//NewsDetails/141655/en
23/02/2020 Adult Education Center on a visit to Faculty of Arts ~//NewsDetails/141642/en
23/02/2020 Al Kased preside over Laparoscopic Tumor Session in the 17th International Conference of the Egyptian Arthroscopy Association. ~//NewsDetails/141641/en
18/02/2020 The University visit to Al-Nasr Chemical Company in Abu Rawash ~//NewsDetails/141633/en
18/02/2020 The Rector hosted the Governors of Al Gharbia and El Menoufia, and Tanta University’s Rector. ~//NewsDetails/141634/en
18/02/2020 Menoufia University participates in the Speedball Championship for Arab Universities in Hurghada. ~//NewsDetails/141632/en
17/02/2020 Dr. Hayam Mustafa Salem took over the position of Director of the University Performance Development Department at the Measurement and Evaluation Center. ~//NewsDetails/141624/en
17/02/2020 Menoufia University holds Question Banks Course for Staff. ~//NewsDetails/141627/en
17/02/2020 Menoufia University holds Question Banks Course for the Staff ~//NewsDetails/141629/en
17/02/2020 Dean of Faculty of Electronic Engineering inspects the Control work of Post graduate for the first semester. ~//NewsDetails/141631/en
17/02/2020 The Rector signs a cooperation Protocol with Arab Universities Union. ~//NewsDetails/141635/en
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