Official Statement

Official Statement

Department of Management



Regarding what was reported recently on Social media about the dismissal  resolution of Dr. Hesham Al Badry , head of Public Law Department, Faculty of Law , Menoufia University, o what attributed to him of contraventions while keeping pension.  The rector asserted that what was publish about the resolution is not true , but the dismissal decision was based on a decision by the Disciplinary Council at the university, after investigating him with many complaints made by a law professor from Faculty of Law, Helwan University , to ensure impartiality and transparency and was transferred to the Disciplinary Council headed by one of the deputies , the President of the University, a consultant from the State Council, and a professor from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, to ensure neutrality and transparency.

The university president explained that the university’s disciplinary council is formed in accordance with the law and a decision is issued by the university president and it equals the administrative court with a first degree, and the president of the university or any other person has no authority over it.