A big turnout on the second day of Menoufia University

A big turnout on the second day of Menoufia University's initiative for selling meat at discounted prices on the occasion of Eid Al adha.

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Menoufia University, under the patronage of Dr. Adel Mubarak, the university president, launched the initiative of selling meat to the public at reduced prices on the occasion of the blessed  Eid Al adhathat started yesterday and achieved great success, and on its second day it received a great interest from the external society.

The university president confirmed that the slaughter is done daily in Tunbsha's farm and the faculty of agriculture to provide fresh meat and offer it with outlets for the society and the university's children to help meet its needs of different food products, and starting from the university's role toward the society, pointing out that the initiative continues till tomorrow, and that a big number of buffaloes, sheep and goats are slaughtered in the morning.He expressed his happiness for the success of the initiative and offering such service to the community to alleviate the suffering of the simple families and meet their needs of the various food products.