The public flocked on the first day of the Menoufia University

The public flocked on the first day of the Menoufia University's discounted meat sales initiative

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Today, the farms of Menoufia University in Tunbsha and the Faculty of Agriculture started selling fresh meat products to the society and offering them the farm and college outlets in the initiative that the university president, Dr. Adel Mubarak, directed a contribution to society to meet his needs of different food products on the occasion of the holy Eid Al-Adha, which will last for three days, and the daily slaughter and sale of a large number of buffalo, sheep and goats to the public at reduced prices.

Mubarak clarified that this initiative confirms the role of the service university and the role of the university's production units to offer different food products to the external society and the university's sons.

Mubarak indicated that the university's Tunbsha farm includes a herd of cattle that is being reared to serve the educational and research operation of the students of the two faculties of agriculture and veterinary medicine. Providing different animal products to offer to society to benefit from different educational and economic aspects, emphasizing the importance of developing such productive units And to increase their potential to effectively contribute to meeting the needs of society for animal and plant products at lower prices than the external market.