University organizes the first electronic conference under the slogan "innovators Despite Corona"

University organizes the first electronic conference under the slogan "innovators Despite Corona"

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Under the patronage of Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, Today morning Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bagouri, Vice President of the University for Community Service Affairs And developing the environment met  the organizing committee of the conference "future directions for coexistence with Corona, "Covid 19", is scheduled to be held online under the slogan "innovators Despite Corona" The conference will include all the university sectors to discuss the university's vision of coexistence With the Corona pandemic and its various effects on life aspects.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bagouri, President of the Conference, discussed the conference in the presence of the organizing committee of the conference Headed by Dr. Hassan Khattab, deputy of the Faculty of Arts for Community Service Affairs Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sabai, Rapporteur of the conference and deputy of the Faculty of Medicine for service affairs Society and environment development , the main themes of the Conference, which are at the center of the process Education The future of the educational system under the Corona pandemic and the expected changes in the development of the means of digital education and the quality of the educational process, along with the social, economic, behavioral and psychological axes of society.

The preparatory session also discussed outlining the goals to be achieved during the conference, the most important of which is the study of the development of the educational process system under the Corona pandemic, identifying the new virus and ways to respond to it in health and medical ways and studying the challenges facing the therapeutic institutions to do their ordinary role The study of the social and psychological effects on the individual and society and on the sidelines of the meeting, Al-Bagouri discussed ways to develop the environmental research and energy magazine issued by Al-Monoufiya University, which includes all researches aiming at solving environmental problems and ways of developing them, and discussing ways of developing the printing press from machines and buildings, and working on replacement and renovation to increase and improve the quality of production.

The meeting was attended by members of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Doria Khairi Faculty of Agriculture Undersecretary  and Dr. Samira Ezzat, the liver Institute's Undersecretary and Dr. Mahmoud Badawi, Faculty of Education Undersecretary and Dr. Hayam Abdullah, Faculty of  Specific Education Undersecretary and Dr. Hassan Eliwa, Faculty of Science Undersecretary  and Dr. Eman Khamis the Undersecretary of the College of Childhood Dr. Aida Abdel-Razek is a professor at the College of Nursing.