Achievements of the Secretary-General

Achievements of the Secretary-General's Sector

media managment


Personnel affairs:
The number of 3200 members of the Department of Education who are eligible for promotion until 30 May 2020 was upgraded by decision No. 1050 of the Secretary-General of the University of 29 May 2020.


-Qualification of the University's administrative system for quality certification
A quality company for educational establishments has been contracted to qualify the administrative machinery of the UNU secretariat for the Quality Management System (QMS), in accordance with international ISO 9001.


-Adoption of the functional structure of five faculties (early childhood education, media, dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary) The Secretary of the College is a Director-General, as well as the creation of a number. The degree of Director of Administration at each of the five colleges with a total number The posts of trustees of these colleges have been announced by University Proclamation No. 1 of 2021.


- Expansion of the administrative structure of the University.

- Qualification of the University's administrative system for quality certification
Approval by the Central Department of Management and Administration and the Ministry of Finance for the upgrading of the post of the remaining 6 faculty secretaries (General Director, Faculties (Specific Education, Home Economics, Nursing, Sports Education, Computers and Information, Applied Medical Sciences), thus becoming a Director-General degree covering all faculties of the University

-Adoption of the functional structure of the Liver Institute Hospital to include three General Manager grades (Medical and Therapeutic Affairs - Medical Supply and Pharmacy - Financial and Administrative Affairs) as well as the number (24) of a Director of Administration to number the General Managers of the University after those degrees: 54 Director-General's degree, as well as the number of (4) Under-Secretaries-General and Under-Secretaries-General.
Completion of the post adjustment by the higher qualification of 222 members of the Department of Education.

-Reconciliation of 169 hospital staff
Installation of 158 temporary personnel in the Hospital Department
Proclamation No. 1 of 2021 concerning the announcement of 9 posts of Director-General for:
Secretary of the Faculty of Engineering
Secretary of the School of Pharmacy
Secretary of the College of Early childhood
Secretary of the School of Veterinary Medicine
Secretary of the School of Information
Director-General, Medical Supply, Liver Institute Hospital
Director-General Legal Affairs
General Manager Workshops and Transport Operation
Director-General, Financial and Administrative Affairs, National Liver Institute Hospital


- Number of university staff

There are 8644 university staff in the education sector and 3667 university hospital staff.

teaching staff
The number of teaching staff and associate staff is 4650. - Professors, Assistant Professors, research lecturers and  research assistants.

Advertisement of 18 posts of faculty cadre and associate staff in the Faculty of Dentistry:
(8) research lecturers

(10) research assistants
Advertising of medical cadre positions at the University Hospital and the National Liver Institute
Development of the academic and management leadership training system through:

Updating the training plan to ensure that personnel are better qualified according to different disciplines
Training expertise from outside the University (Central Machinery for Management and Administration - Public Authority for Government Services - Ministry of Finance)
Sending some of the University's outstanding players to attend specialized training courses for different regions
Upgrading the competence of university training units and providing them with latest means of training.

The College was opened and started in the 2020/2021 academic year. The College was equipped with studios, computer labs and classrooms.

-Faculty of Dentistry
A total of four courses have been completed and the laboratories have been equipped in preparation for the university year 2021/2022.

-College of Artificial Intelligence
Finishing the fifth, sixth and seventh course of the Computer Information College to allocate them to the College of Artificial Intelligence and to equip laboratories for student reception in the 2021/2022 academic year

-Menoufia National University

The Council of the League of Arab States, at its emergency session held in 13/1/2021, approved the establishment of the Private University on the land of the University, in Taukh Tanbansha.


Some Achievements done for special needs

The 50% employment earnings tax for persons with disabilities or dependants has been deducted in accordance with article 23 of Act No. 10 of 2018
Reduction of working hours by one hour per day for persons with disabilities in accordance with article 46 of the Civil Service Act No. 81 of 2016
Persons with special needs shall be granted regular leave of 45 days from the beginning of the appointment and without restriction on the number of years of service, in accordance with article 49 of the Act of 2016 (81)
Requests for transportation or scars from persons with disabilities shall be approved for places closest to their place of residence.
Persons with disabilities are allocated 5% if there are announcements of appointment
Host of the second Egyptian University Youth Week (20 universities) for special needs September 2019
Rambat slopes have been made at all the entrances of university colleges and units for their special needs mobility.

How has the University been able to accomplish its tasks under krona conditions, exceptional leave and reduced employment?

On the basis of Decision No. 719 of 2020 of the Prime Minister on certain measures to reduce the number of employees at the duty stations of government agencies, ensuring the regular functioning of public facilities, in particular vital facilities or those for the provision of daily services to citizens.

The precautionary measures taken by the University in the context of the Krona pandemic in order to maintain the functioning and regularity of the work.

The decisions of Mr. Dr ./Prime Minister in this regard have been implemented, taking into account precautionary measures, and coordination has been established with the University Hospital to receive corona cases and care for workers.


Financial affairs:

Financial Affairs provides the necessary funds to all UNU units on all items in order to ensure that the financial flow continues throughout the year and to coordinate fully with the Ministry of Finance on the application of the systems developed, whether electronic collection or connectivity to the main network of the Ministry of Finance.


Special accounts:

Special accounts seek to increase the University's own resources and assist units of a private nature in expanding their activities.
The University's accounts, through its faculties and units, also supplied the University's contribution to the Fund to Honour Martyrs and Victims of Terrorist Operations.
General Administration of Administrative Affairs:

The General Administration of Administrative Affairs plays a vital role in the University by facilitating the work of all departments through its auxiliary role to all departments. It maintains the provision of all services through the cleanliness of premises and the rapid delivery of correspondence between the University's internal and external authorities.

General Department of Procurement and Stores:

The General Department of Procurement and Stores conducted the necessary tenders to provide for the requirements of the various faculties and institutes of the University.
Coordination with the Government Services Authority on centrally placed items through the Authority
Equipping all new colleges in accordance with the University Plan
Commodity inventory control

Many of these observations have been avoided by the University's faculties and units. The Department continuously follows up on all other observations.
Accounting for collections from the sale of University stamps at the Computer and Information College and supplies to private accounts .
The inventory of stagnant items in some of the University's faculty and unit stores for distribution to other colleges and units in order to make the greatest possible use of such items and to reduce the procurement process before disposing of them.
Renewal of the annual comprehensive motor vehicle insurance of the General Department of Workshops and Transport Operations.
Annual insurance procedures for UNU Press assets



Financial and administrative Guidance

The Directorate-General of Financial and Administrative Guidance has its role in implementing internal oversight of the various units of the University in both financial and administrative terms, responding to the tenders of the Central Accounting Office and coordinating fully with all oversight bodies.


- Implementation of the University's investment projects. This year, 29 projects have been implemented.

- Computer and Information College

- Dental College Building

- Faculty of Information

- Basic Science Building, Faculty of Engineering

- Oncology Hospital Building

General Department of Maintenance

In turn, through the maintenance of university buildings and units, such as electrical maintenance work, plumbing work, discussion work) all small projects are implemented.
The Department of Device Maintenance repairs scientific equipment, sterilization gates, air conditioning devices, refrigerators and water coolers.