Mubarak chairs the League Council session in November 2021

Mubarak chairs the League Council session in November 2021

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It reviews reports on:

University and digital transformation, entrants, and the electronic system for e-book fees

The Menoufia University Council held its meeting for the month of November 2021, headed by Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University, and in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, former Minister of Local Development and member of the Council from abroad, Dr. Ahmed Al-Qased, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, and Accountant Akram Abdel-Dayem, Secretary General of the University and Deans of Faculties.

Mubarak began the meeting by congratulating the French Language Department at the Faculty of Arts for winning first place and the championship cup in the annual festival organized by the Association of French Language Professors at the university and school levels in the annual festival of the AEPF Association, and congratulating the “Injaz” project team at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering for obtaining first place at the level of Menoufia Governorate in the Creative Competition at the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center TIEC of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology., and congratulations to the university’s boxing team participating in the 49th Egyptian Universities Championship, where the student Mohamed Hamada Al-Sandabisi, College of Medicine, won the silver medal in the weight of 51 kg, and the student Ahmed Ashraf Abdel Ghafour College Bronze medal trade in the 75 kg category.

The president of the university stressed the follow-up to the regularity of studies in the faculties, preparing for the exams at the end of the first semester on their scheduled dates, setting examination schedules in accordance with the timetable for the current academic year, and continuing to apply all necessary preventive and precautionary measures to protect against the spread of the Corona virus, and emphasizing on preventing anyone from entering the university campus except After making sure that he received the anti-Coronavirus vaccine or doing a PCR analysis, it is submitted weekly to ensure that he is not infected with the virus, while following up on the implementation of the university's plan to vaccinate all its employees.

The university president directed the importance of daily monitoring of the student union elections, providing periodic reports on the progress of the electoral process until its conclusion, and encouraging students to vote and participate in the elections.

Mubarak also confirmed the university’s participation in the activities of the Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research (GFHS) in its second edition, which will be held from 8 to 10 December 2021 in the New Administrative Capital, under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Republic, with the participation of a number of foreign universities, agencies and organizations International and a large gathering of higher education experts.

The President of the University reviewed the statistics of the electronic portal of the unified government complaints system headed by the Council of Ministers on the indicator of the achievement rate of Menoufia University in responding to complaints during the period from January 2011 to November 2011, which amounted to 99%.

Mubarak presented the most important events, achievements and activities that took place during this month, and discussed the agenda and briefed the topics of all sectors.

The president of the university agreed to pay a reward of a month and a half to all university employees on the occasion of the forty-fifth anniversary of the university. .

During the session, Dr. Osama Abdel Raouf, Dean of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence presented a detailed report on the development achieved by Menoufia University during the last five years to complete its plan for digital transformation, as it included the mechanization of every unit and college at Menoufia University, and this included the development of infrastructure and linking all buildings, colleges, departments and cities of the university The university has a fiber-optic cable network, a network of wireless coverage for many of the university’s faculties, and a plan to complete the rest of the faculties within 6 months for all university units and faculties, and to achieve integration between student affairs management systems that are automated with the e-learning platforms that were established two years ago and have become a major nerve in the educational process of the university.

He also reviewed the newly produced software in the Programming Department of the Information Center, and the report included a recent report on the electronic tests project, question banks and the training of faculty members in the medical sector.

What has been automated in Menoufia University hospitals, especially the Liver Institute, and what is included in the work plan for the coming period for the university to complete its fully digital transformation at all levels.

Dr. Salwa Fouad, the general coordinator of incoming students at the university, presented a detailed presentation on the university’s arrivals and their numbers, and the plan for the administration of immigrants to attract more numbers and activate the administration of immigrants in all faculties. It is an obstacle to arrivals and solutions to overcome it, and the importance of working on this important file in implementation of the state’s plan to increase the number of arrivals in Egyptian universities within the #Study_in_Egypt initiative.

The reports presented today in the session concluded with a report by Dr. Atef Qassem, Director of the Information Technology Unit at the Faculty of Arts, on the electronic system for the fees of e-books for the faculty, which was implemented to facilitate the payment process and the entry of students on the platform to receive their copy of books after paying the fees.