The start of the first semester exams at Menoufia University

The start of the first semester exams at Menoufia University

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Mubarak inspects the committees of the faculties of arts, commerce and science.Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, and Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, began following up the work of the first semester examinations at Menoufia University by inspecting the examination committees in the faculties of Arts, Commerce and Science. He was received by Dr. Osama Madani, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Amjad Emara, Dean of Commerce, Dr. Adel Nassar, Dean of Science.

The President of the University made sure that all preventive and precautionary measures were implemented to ensure the safety of all examination workers, and stressed the application of legal penalties in the cases stipulated in the Universities Organizing Law of not taking the mobile phone permanently inside the committee, even if it was closed, not smoking inside the examination hall, not accompanying Any kind of headphones, the presence of observers and committee observers in their places, following up on students’ behavior, punishing those who riot, speaking with colleagues, or speaking inappropriately with the observer or observer inside the exam committees, adhering to the instructions on the question paper and it is forbidden to write on it, and not to bring a book Or any means of communication or everything related to the course or paper, even if it is devoid of an answer.

He also reassured the university president that all the elements of comfort are provided for students in the examination halls to perform their exams, and that the professors are available to solve any problem that arises during the exams.

Mubarak confirmed that the university has taken many precautionary measures and measures necessary to create the appropriate atmosphere for exams in light of the Corona pandemic, and distribute schedules to ensure that no more than one study group is present to take exams in the same period, provide a doctor for each exam hall, and allocate an isolation room. In every role there are examination committees, allocating isolation rooms in university cities for suspected cases, assigning administrative security personnel to compel students with a map of the compulsory path to enter and exit and wearing masks, emphasizing observers and workers to wear masks and gloves in addition to measuring their temperature (between) every period of the exam throughout Today, in a dedicated place inside the college independent of the student’s places, in addition to sterilizing the committee headquarters between each exam period and the next period, and following up on purification operations every morning of the exam days, and after exam periods end throughout the day, wishing students success.