Activating the management of international students and discussing aspects of sponsoring and attracting expatriates at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering

Activating the management of international students and discussing aspects of sponsoring and attracting expatriates at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering

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Within the framework of the #Study_in_Egypt initiative, under the auspices of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the directives of Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, on the necessity and importance of sponsoring and attracting international students studying at the university’s various faculties, which is carried out under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Al-Kased, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Nancy Asaad Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Menouf welcomed Dr. Salwa Fouad Ashiba, the general coordinator of international students Management at the university.

A session was held in the presence of Dr. Ayman El-Sayed Omera, Dean of the College, Deans Dr. Fathi El-Sayed Abdel Samie, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Mona Mohamed Shukair, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Ramadan Abdel Hamid Al-Shanawy, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Messrs. Department heads, and Dr. Asmaa Tantawy, coordinator of international students Management at the college

During the meeting, they talked about the establishment of the college and its various departments and programs

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering is considered one of the prestigious faculties on which Menoufia University was established in 1976 AD, although the faculty was established in 1965 AD based on a cooperation protocol between Egypt and Germany in the name of the Higher Institute of Electronics in Menouf.

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering at Menoufia University is considered a unique and distinguished faculty at the level of all Egyptian universities, as it is specialized in its electronic studies from the beginning of the student’s study in it until graduation

The college includes three main departments:

Department of Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering. It offers three specific programs: Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering - Industrial Control Engineering - Biomedical Engineering and Technology (the only one at the level of Egypt's public universities). The division is one of the distinguished industrial divisions that directly serve the industrial sector, such as iron and steel factories - aluminum factories - airports - water purification and other industries that need the field of automation. The department has implemented protocols, including with the Egyptian-Japanese University and the Toshiba Arab Factory.

The Department of Computer Engineering and Science, which is characterized by activating a number of protocols, including – Cisco – Oracle – Huawei – Microsoft – Cloud-EMC2 – where the team toured the department’s laboratories, including logical design – software – Cisco networks – buried systems – artificial intelligence – cyber security – microprocessors . The department includes one of the important quality programs (cyber security) - which serves information security.

Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, which is characterized by a large number of faculty members in the field of communications and networks. Where the team toured the department's laboratories, including computer communication networks, securing networks and encryption - video and audio engineering - processing digital signals and images - satellites - designing integrated circuits and other distinguished laboratories. The department includes the Communications and Networks Engineering program. The faculty has more than 100 faculty members other than the supporting staff - and their degrees varied from different fields, including - European Union countries - America - China - Japan. This constellation was characterized by achieving global - regional - local achievements. The college appeared in some international rankings.

It is worth mentioning that many researches have been published in international, regional and local journals and conferences. The college also won many international awards (Canada and Singapore) in the field of robotics - local for student projects (water scarcity - engineering innovations).

Dr. Salwa discussed the aspects of care as well as the many attractions and ingredients that characterize the college to attract many international students.. It was also agreed to make a plan to exploit all these human and material capabilities and the extent of the college’s readiness, including basic laboratories - specialized laboratories - research laboratories in addition to the environment surrounding the college And the extent of maximizing its use to attract international students