Important statement about Menoufia University

Important statement about Menoufia University

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A group of false and fabricated news and accusations, stemming from purely personal purposes, have recently spread from Menoufia University and its employees. Those who are faint of heart only want to harm the reputation and value of the most important and oldest higher education institution in Menoufia Governorate, and question its lofty message towards its society and its children.

Here, Menoufia University confirms that it has taken all necessary legal measures against all those who offended it, and that it will prosecute them relentlessly in order to recover their moral and ethical rights. The university also confirms that such fabricated and tendentious news is old and expendable and proven by conclusive evidence that it is incorrect and false.

And Menoufia University, as it affirms that it is always characterized by transparency and integrity in all its procedures and steps, and on the pioneering role of its employees towards the Menoufia Governorate and the entire Egyptian society, which is witnessed by far and near, but the university confirms at the same time and behind it thousands of loyal sons of the province that it will not stand idly by. In front of a few who want to tarnish the achievements of the great university, it will take all legal measures and means to preserve its prestige and its position as a shining beacon in the middle of the delta.

Long live Menoufia University  under the support of its loyal sons and daughters, and Long live Egypt under the auspices of its loyal president, His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.