Mubarak signs a contract to supply a multi-use Azurion 7 M 20 catheter to Menoufia University Hospitals

Mubarak signs a contract to supply a multi-use Azurion 7 M 20 catheter to Menoufia University Hospitals

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University, and Dr. Mahmoud Koura, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of the University Hospitals Board of Directors, signed with Philips Medical Devices a contract for the supply and maintenance of a catheter model Azurion 7 M 20 for Menoufia University Hospitals, worth ten million pounds, with a donation submitted by Counselor Mohamed Tawfiq El-Gamal Hany Tawfiq El-Gamal Ahad Sons of Menoufia Governorate and a member of the Senate.

The President of the University extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to Chancellor Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Jamal for his generous and continuous donation to develop the university hospital and provide it with the latest medical devices, and the scientific research service aimed at developing the therapeutic and medical service for patients, stressing that university hospitals are witnessing great development at all levels, and work is underway to establish a medical city Which is a distinguished achievement for the university and the governorate to provide medical services at a high level of professionalism and craftsmanship through the establishment of a group of specialized medical centers according to the latest technologies in the medical field and in accordance with the code of medical buildings and quality standards in health care, in line with the strategy of the Egyptian state and its political leadership to develop services Medical for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen and the application of the vision of the new republic in the health sector.

Dr. Mahmoud Qura expressed his happiness with this new addition to the university hospital equipment within the development plan targeted by the university and the hospital, and doctors, technicians and nursing will be trained to ensure the proper operation of the device and achieve the maximum benefit from its capabilities, stressing the continuation of the development of the university hospital to provide the necessary medical service to the people of the governorate. He added that the medical service for treating stroke cases using a cerebral catheter was provided for the first time within the Menoufia governorate and is an extension of the stroke unit that was recently opened at Menoufia University Hospitals.

Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy, Executive Director of University Hospitals, indicated that the catheter device that was contracted is a multi-use device in treatment, as it is used in the rapid and emergency treatment of cases (brain clots, heart clots, arterial clots), and the location of the catheter device has been allocated on the third floor of the hospital. The emergency room is to be next to the stroke unit as well as the cardiac and surgical intensive care unit.

The signing of the contract was witnessed by Philips Company, Engineer Osama Taha, Director of Sales for Giza and Menoufia, on behalf of Engineer Ihab Henry, Director of the company, Dr. Ahmed Saeed, director of the emergency hospital.