Vice President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies holds a meeting of the Graduate Studies Council

Vice President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies holds a meeting of the Graduate Studies Council

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The Graduate Studies and Research Sector at Menoufia University held a meeting of the Graduate Studies Council chaired by Dr. Ahmed Farag Al-Qased, Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies, in the presence of the Vice Presidents for Graduate Studies and Research in the colleges and institutes of the university. and council members

The library and central library committees were also held in the presence of the members of the two committees

Al-Kased congratulated the members of the committee on the blessed Eid al-Fitr, the Sinai Liberation Day, and the Christian Brothers’ Days

The postgraduate studies session dealt with topics related to the work of the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies, presenting the topics listed on the agenda, and following up on enrollment work in postgraduate studies.

The committee approved the minutes of the previous session’s meeting and was briefed on the follow-up of the implemented decisions. During the meeting, the annual and semi-annual reports of some postgraduate students registered for master’s and doctoral degrees for the previous and current academic year were briefed, as well as the scientific reports submitted by members of scientific missions and reports The scientific papers presented by university faculty members for their attendance at conferences inside and outside the university in Egyptian and Arab universities

Al-Kased stressed that the university has achieved an unprecedented achievement in modernizing and empowering the graduate studies sector and providing distinguished electronic services for graduate students.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Kased announced that after evaluating the university libraries for the academic year 2021/2022, the Library of the College of Nursing got the first place, the Library of the Faculty of Engineering in Shebin El-Kom the second place, and the Library of the College of Electronic Engineering ranked third.

The Library of the College of Early Childhood Education ranked first for newly established libraries

Al-Kased stressed the university's keenness to fully comply with all precautionary and preventive measures in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to preserve the health and safety of students and those in charge of the educational process.