Sharaf discusses ways to develop units of a special nature at Menoufia University

Sharaf discusses ways to develop units of a special nature at Menoufia University

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Today, Dr. Sobhi Sharaf, Vice President of Menoufia University for Community Service and Environmental Development, met with the directors and heads of public service centers at the university level, in the presence of Accountant Mohamed Saeed, Assistant Secretary General of the University, Dr. Rania Azmy, Deputy Director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the university, to discuss the current situation in all public service centers At the university, putting hands on the administrative and financial problems and regulations and working to develop them

Sharaf discussed ways to develop public service centers at the university level and update the regulations in line with the changes and developments taking place in the world and how to increase self-resources and achieve the desired and desired profit from each center separately, due to the different goals and products of each college

The meeting also resulted in the formation of a committee to study the regulations of all centers and work on amending them for the public interest and work on linking the services and products of the university to the external community and making a protocol with the governorate. Training and the achievements of each center are discussed by a higher committee to coordinate between public service centers between colleges to review all training courses.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Farid Wagdy, Director of the Crisis Management Unit at the University, Dr. Khaled Al-Husseini, Director General of the Center for Research and Engineering Consultations at the College of Engineering, Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan, Director of the Public Service Center at the University, Dr. Omar Lashin, Director of the Production Unit at the College of Engineering, Dr. El-Sayed Mahmoud, Director of the Central Laboratory in the College of Science, and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Director The Productive Unit at the Faculty of Home Economics, Dr. Amr Mosaad, Supervisor of the University Services Marketing Center, and Dr. Saeed Abdel-Aty, Director of the Engineering Consultation Center and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Menouf, Dr. Iman Raafat, Faculty of Home Economics, Department of Clothing and Textiles, and Dr. Abdel-Hamid, Scientific Computation Center, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, and Eng. Mostafa Taha, in charge of workshops, Engineering, Menouf