An awareness seminar at Menoufia University on the dangers of corruption to celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day

An awareness seminar at Menoufia University on the dangers of corruption to celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day

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The Administrative Control Authority, in cooperation with Menoufia University, organized an awareness seminar to introduce the dangers of corruption and how to confront it, within the framework of the International Anti-Corruption Day celebrations, in the presence of Dr. Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President of Menoufia University for Education and Student Affairs.

At the beginning of his speech, Mubarak welcomed the guests of the symposium from the Administrative Control Authority in Menoufia and the participation in an important occasion, which is the International Anti-Corruption Day, which the United Nations celebrates annually on the ninth of December, and this year comes under the slogan (Towards a United World Against Corruption), adding that corruption is a phenomenon A complex social, political and economic that affects all countries, and has major negative effects. Therefore, there was an urgent need to prevent corruption, enhance transparency and strengthen institutions in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, stressing that addressing corruption is the responsibility of everyone, whether they are government officials, civil servants or law enforcement officials. Or representatives of the media, the private sector and all civil society.

We all appreciate the important and pivotal role played by the Administrative Control Authority in realizing and combating corruption, as well as its primary role in implementing the national anti-corruption strategy adopted by the state, which represented a major breakthrough in the field of fighting corruption, establishing principles of transparency and integrity, and building citizens' confidence in state institutions. And the implementation of the directive and slogan launched by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the celebration of the golden jubilee of the authority, which is combating and confronting corruption in all its forms and manifestations, shedding light on what the Egyptian state is currently witnessing in terms of development that has reached the limit of miraculousness at all levels, so that Egypt remains a symbol of all original principles and values, in light of The wise leadership of her righteous son, His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

For his part, Major General Haitham El-Bohy, Head of the Administrative Control Authority in Menoufia, presented the definition of corruption and the negative effects of corruption on the economic, social, psychological and legal aspects, as well as defining the tasks and specializations of the authority, and its role as an independent body affiliated with the President of the Republic that fights corruption, in addition to following up on the commitment of government agencies to implement laws and regulations regulating all The activities of the sectors and state agencies in Egypt, the definition of the Authority’s national strategic objectives, the main axes of the Authority’s work, and a presentation of the most prominent crimes of the Administrative Control Authority.

Major General Haitham Al-Buhy presented the activities of the National Anti-Corruption Academy of the Authority and its important role in organizing various training courses to introduce corruption and how to fight and eliminate it.

He also presented an introductory documentary film about the different types of corruption, as it is a tool that disrupts the movement of economic and political development and causes instability, the importance of raising awareness of the dangers of corruption and defining the authority’s specialties and efforts, and the importance of the citizen being positive in reporting any corruption he faces until it is finally eliminated. The documentary also included a series Awareness seminars and meetings organized by the authority to inform citizens of the authority's competencies and how to communicate with them.

This will start the third phase of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2023/2030, explaining what was implemented in the first phase 2018/2014, and what was done in the second phase, which started since 2019, with the aim of reaching a fair national environment that combats corruption, based on six basic principles that include: Integrity, transparency, participation, rule of law, equality, accountability. The national anti-corruption strategy, in its third edition, is based on five goals that seek to reach an efficient and effective administrative apparatus that provides distinguished services to the citizen and investor, and a legislative and judicial structure that supports anti-corruption and achieves prompt justice, and bodies capable of Fighting corruption and law enforcement, a society aware of the dangers of corruption capable of combating it, and effective state and regional cooperation in combating corruption.

The symposium was attended by accountant Jalal Abdel Salam, Secretary General of Menoufia University, and a number of deans of faculties, general directors, directors of departments at the university and students. The organization of the symposium was supervised by the General Administration of Youth Welfare at the university.