El-Kased honors the distinguished in Menoufia University Hospitals

El-Kased honors the distinguished in Menoufia University Hospitals

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, witnessed the honoring ceremony for the distinguished, which was organized by the university hospitals, in the presence of Dr. Abdel-Rahman El-Sebaei, Dean of the College, Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmed El-Qersh, Executive Director of University Hospitals, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, Director of Hospitals, a large number of faculty members and a general manager. College, department managers and employees

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased saluted the attendance of the celebration and expressed his happiness at being among the university hospital staff to honor the distinguished, pointing out that all hospital employees deserve to be honored for their efforts in serving patients.

El-Kased appealed to everyone to intensify work and make more efforts to improve the medical service provided, because university hospitals have a major role in providing high-end and distinguished medical service in integration with the Ministry of Health to keep pace with changes and development at the state level in accordance with the state's 2030 development plan and comprehensive medical insurance, which requires preparing hospitals to obtain quality Health care to have a place among health service providers, adding that the university and hospital management have made great strides in equipping facilities, increasing their absorptive capacity, training workers, quality of performance, measuring performance indicators, infection control, the extent to which treatment protocols are followed, and all the requirements of the quality system.


The President of the University called on the employees of the hospitals to be a strong support for the state and the governorate, because Menoufia University Hospitals have the responsibility to provide service to the people of the governorate and neighboring governorates because of the high-precision medical equipment and cadres they possess.


Dr. Abd al-Rahman al- Sebaei,, the dean of the college, welcomed the attendees, pointing out that honoring the distinguished is a good idea to encourage workers to achieve more excellence and make efforts to improve the medical service.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Qarsh, Executive Director of University Hospitals, indicated that this celebration is the eighth celebration organized by university hospitals to honor the distinguished, which is held this time under the title “Quality and Perfection in Work.” He called on all university hospital employees to work hard and achieve more achievements and dedication in serving patients.


At the end of the celebration, Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasid and the University Hospitals Administration honored the distinguished, headed by Dr. Mohamed El-Sawy, the former Executive Director of the University Hospitals and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Education and Student Affairs, And the name of the late Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Qabbani and the name of the late Walid Muhammad, whom God passed away in the last period.


Distinguished physicians, residents, directors of departments, pharmacists, nursing specialists, and distinguished workers in different departments and distinguished departments were also honored..