The President of Menoufia University holds the Graduate Studies Council "Online"

The President of Menoufia University holds the Graduate Studies Council "Online"

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, held the Postgraduate Studies Council session for the month of January 2023 "online", with the participation of Council members and Vice Deans for Postgraduate Studies and Research.


El-Kased started the session by thanking all the well-wishers from inside and outside the university, expressing his happiness with these good feelings from everyone, and stressing that every effort will be made to put Menoufia University in its proper position on the map of higher education inside and outside Egypt.

The President of the University emphasized the warning to postgraduate students that the date for submitting excuses for entering the exams is before or during the exams, and the emphasis on the colleges’ agents to submit a daily report on the course of the postgraduate students’ exams, and the need to complete the correction work within a week from the date of holding the exams. Subject exam so that the results can be reviewed as soon as possible.

The director informed the members that it was decided to amend some items and materials of the work guide in the postgraduate studies sector so that they are in line with the internal regulations of the faculties, as well as to include the new decisions that were issued in this regard.


The university president explained that 87 male and female students were registered for a master's degree, 50 for a doctoral degree, and 228 scientific research from faculties and publications in international journals were registered during December 2022.

he university president discussed the agenda and briefed the members on notes submitted by postgraduate studies and cultural relations.