Menoufia University is advancing in the British "The Times" ranking of young universities for the year 2023

Menoufia University is advancing in the British "The Times" ranking of young universities for the year 2023

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, confirmed that Menoufia University has achieved a new achievement by advancing in the British “THE” classification for higher education for the year 2023 within the classification of newly established universities, which have not been established for more than fifty years.

El-Kased pointed out that the university has advanced in the classification from category 351-400 to category 301-350, with an increase of 50 places compared to last year.

El-Kased explained that the classification is based on academic reputation, scientific publishing rates, their impact factor, and the quality of services provided by the university to its surrounding community through digital media, and is based on several important indicators, including scientific research, teaching, research citation rate, and international cooperation, as well as the use of indicators of knowledge transfer and expectations. In the international classification, universities are evaluated based on a set of specific criteria, and data and indicators provided by universities are analyzed to determine the position and final classification of each university.

El-Kased stressed that the progress achieved by the university in international classifications was a reflection of the university's vision towards motivating its scientists and researchers to publish internationally in various international scientific journals, explaining that the university's entry into this classification and its continuous progress is strong evidence of the quality of education, and the impact of the university's scientific efforts locally and globally to ensure jobs For graduates of the university at home and abroad, and the turnout of foreign students to study in its various faculties.

El-Kased expressed his happiness with the university's progress in the international rankings, wishing the university's progress to continue, and placing it in the position it deserves, praising the university's research efforts and the excellence of its researchers in the university's faculties and institutes.