Menoufia University completes the combined phase of the presidential initiative "Children of Scientists for a Better Future"

Menoufia University completes the combined phase of the presidential initiative "Children of Scientists for a Better Future"

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In continuation of Menoufia University’s journey of giving under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of the University, and interest in the presidential initiative “Children of Scientists for a Better Future,” which was launched in 2015, according to one of the presidential initiatives launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to discover talents and geniuses from childhood. The university announces the completion of work in the second phase, E2. From the Children’s University program for the fifth and sixth combined session, as well as in the presence of students of the fourth session, starting from next Sunday 7/16/2023 until Sunday 8/6/2023, within the framework of permanent and fruitful cooperation between Menoufia University and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, which resulted in the adoption of the Children’s University program As a national project aimed at spreading scientific culture and simplifying science, as well as discovering innovators and creators and supporting them in the early stages of education to develop their abilities and refine their talents.

El-Kased stressed that the university always seeks to adopt presidential initiatives that always aim to build and support the Egyptian society through the children of today, who are the men of the promising, creative and innovative future with the aim of building our modern Egypt, adding that every child who joined the university is an ambassador for it in his surrounding community who transfers creative and innovative experiences. And the acquired skills, whether scientific, medical, artistic, digital, agricultural or literary, to his friends and colleagues, indicating that the university will seek to increase the number of accepted children starting from the next session in order to provide an opportunity for greater numbers and building a better future, given that children are tools of societal change and capable of facing future challenges. different.

Dr. Enas Al-Shetahi, General Coordinator of the Children's University, indicated that the Children's University initiative is a program adopted by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology within the framework of the presidential initiative to take care of children in the pre-university education stage, leading to a society that learns, thinks and innovates, and that its idea crystallizes in the possibility of contact between the Egyptian child and the university community through The nearest university to his place of residence, where the application to join the Children’s University was limited to the Internet through correspondence with the website of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and she added that the number of children participating in the fourth session was 70 students, and in the fifth stage 150 students, and the number of students for the sixth stage reached 170 students, and this stage will be implemented in the faculties of science, Arts, Commerce, Early Childhood Education, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence.