A delegation of Menoufia University students visited the Air Force College

A delegation of Menoufia University students visited the Air Force College

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Under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, and Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President of the University for Education, Student Affairs and General Supervision Colonel A.H. / Hani Mosaddegh, Director of the Military Education Department at the university. A delegation of university students visited the Air Force College.

The delegation, consisting of 50 male and female students at the level of the university’s faculties, was received by a number of military leaders of the college, who accompanied the student delegation to the designated places to get acquainted with it. The students also made an inspection tour inside the college. During the visit, a documentary film was shown about the Air College and that it is a military college. Egyptian and one of the faculties of the Egyptian Military Academy. It specializes in training in combat aircraft and its motto is (Faith, Sacrifice, Glory). It was founded in 1951. It is also one of the oldest military colleges in the Middle East and graduates qualified officers capable of taking responsibility and facing all challenges in the field of aviation. The mission of the Air College is to prepare and graduate officers from various disciplines who are scientifically and practically qualified to absorb the technology of the age and deal efficiently with Air Force aircraft.

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased  confirmed that the students of Menoufia University participate in these visits to develop their awareness, enhance their values of loyalty and belonging, and introduce them to the achievements that are being achieved on the ground.

The students expressed their happiness and pride in these visits, expressing their thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of these visits, which gave them hope for Egypt's ability to face all challenges with the hands of its people.