The governor and the university president are following up the preparations of Menoufia National University to receive the new academic year

The governor and the university president are following up the preparations of Menoufia National University to receive the new academic year

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, went this morning to the governorate’s general office, where he met Major General Ibrahim Abu Lemon, Governor of Menoufia, in his office, in the framework of discussing preparations and ways to complete all the equipment of Menoufia Private University in Tukh-Tanbesha, in preparation for receiving the new academic year 2023/2024 and providing all aspects of support. And the necessary facilities to provide distinguished educational services to our students.

After the meeting, the Governor of Menoufia and the President of the University held an expanded meeting in the presence of Accountant Jalal Abdel Salam, Secretary General of the University, Professor Mohamed Moussa, Deputy Governor, Major General Imad Youssef, General Secretary, Head of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company, Head of the Executive Agency for Drinking Water and Wastewater, and the Head of the Menoufia Electricity Sector. And the head of the local unit of the Berket El-Saba Center and City, the director of Egypt Gas Projects in Menoufia, the general directors of legal and engineering affairs at the University of Menoufia, and a number of concerned authorities, where all the equipment and general controls of the educational system at the National University were reviewed and discussed in the various disciplines and study programs that it includes, as well as the human cadres. And technical equipment, laboratories, workshops, and halls to receive new students, which contributes to providing high-quality education opportunities and qualifying graduates to compete in the labor markets, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

During the meeting, the Governor of Menoufia affirmed his full support for Menoufia University and the provision of the necessary facilities based on its educational role, its societal mission, and its pioneering role as an active partner in the development plans in the governorate, as it is an ancient edifice of education in the land of the Delta, indicating that Menoufia National University is one of the national projects with important priority and a new educational edifice. It is added to the university education system in the governorate.

The President of Menoufia University expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Governor of Menoufia and his keenness on permanent and fruitful cooperation with the university and extending a helping hand to it at various levels. Achieving the development goals led by the Egyptian state towards building the Egyptian person, as it is one of the most important axes and pillars that the state adopts at the current stage.