El-Kased and the Governor of Menoufia witness the signing of a cooperation protocol to develop workers

El-Kased and the Governor of Menoufia witness the signing of a cooperation protocol to develop workers' skills and obtain higher studies

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Today, Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, and Major General Ibrahim Abu Lemon, Governor of Menoufia, witnessed the signing of a joint cooperation protocol, to provide an opportunity for those who wish to work in the governorate’s general office, local units, and service directorates to obtain studies at Menoufia University, with the aim of developing government performance for workers in the administrative apparatus of the governorate. Diploma-Master-PhD" and obtaining professional scientific degrees from Menoufia University.
This comes within the framework of cooperation between Menoufia University and the governorate, and based on the keenness to maintain the support and development of the skills and capabilities of workers and raise their efficiency through training and fruitful learning to achieve the goals of sustainable development and Egypt's vision 2030, and an affirmation of the educational role of Menoufia University and its societal mission as one of the distinguished edifices of education and a beacon of science and knowledge. on the land of the delta.
The protocol was signed by Mohamed Moussa, Deputy Governor of Menoufia, and Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President of Menoufia University for Education and Student Affairs.
The protocol includes that the University of Menoufia will develop mechanisms for enrollment in professional postgraduate studies, the study plan and the educational process for applicants, provided that the Menoufia Governorate undertakes to complete all documents necessary for enrollment and registration for the scientific degree from the applicants for study and hand them over to the university’s postgraduate studies department for admission and registration, and this is obtained from those who wish to work in the General Office and local units And the directorates of services in obtaining admission to postgraduate studies get a 20% discount of tuition fees for various professional academic degrees.
The President of Menoufia University emphasized the university's permanent readiness to provide scientific and professional support and training, and close cooperation with the executive apparatus of the governorate to upgrade workers and the governorate in all fields, since the university is the house of expertise for the governorate, as well as uniting efforts and visions, extending a helping hand, and providing scientific and technical expertise and advice to bring about comprehensive development and advancement. In all development and service sectors in the governorate to uphold the slogan of citizen service and the elevation of our dear homeland.
Major General Ibrahim Abu Lemon also indicated that Menoufia University is a distinguished educational edifice that the governorate is proud of in various fields of science, research and knowledge, and an active partner in presenting visions and implementing many development plans on the land of the governorate, based on its educational role and its societal mission to achieve the development goals led by the state. Egyptian towards building the Egyptian person, being one of the most important axes and pillars adopted by the state in the current stage.