Menoufia University students visit El-Nasr Intermediate Chemicals Company

Menoufia University students visit El-Nasr Intermediate Chemicals Company

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Under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, and Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and supervised by Dr. Mohamed Shaheen, Director General of the General Administration for Student Welfare, the Leadership Development Department of the General Administration of Student Welfare at Menoufia University, in coordination with the Popular and Military Defense Forces, the Department of Military Education, visited Al-Nasr Company For intermediate chemicals, (50) male and female students participated in the visit at the level of the university’s faculties. The students were accompanied by Colonel A.H. / Hani Mossadeq, Director of the Military Education Department, and Tariq Kamal, Director of the Leadership Preparation Department and Youth Welfare Supervisors in the Leadership Preparation Department, the College of Arts and Artificial Intelligence, Shebin Engineering and Computers The delegation was received by the officers appointed to receive the university delegation. During the visit, a documentary film was shown about the establishment of the company and the factories in it, and how to operate, and that Al-Nasr Intermediate Chemicals Company was established in 1972. It is a company specialized in the chemical industries, the manufacture of fertilizers, industrial and medical gases, and household pesticides. Al-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals using the latest international technology and modern technologies in its fields, which led to the international quality of products while preserving the environment from all kinds of pollution. The students made an inspection tour of the place during which the concerned officers accompanied the delegation inside the company’s factories.
At the end of the meeting, Tariq Kamal, Director of the Leadership Development Department, thanked, on behalf of the University President, the company’s family for the good reception. Souvenirs for the participating delegation.