The President of Menoufia University holds a meeting of the Graduate Studies Council online

The President of Menoufia University holds a meeting of the Graduate Studies Council online

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Dr. Ahmed Farag El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, chaired the meeting of the Graduate Studies Council, with the participation of Vice Deans for Postgraduate Studies and members of the committee, Souad Bayoumi, Head of the Central Administration of the University President’s Office, and Director General of Cultural Relations Online.
At the beginning of the meeting, El-Kased congratulated Dr. Nahed Ghoneim on assuming the position of Dean of the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Iman Abdel-Samie on assuming the position of Vice-Dean of the Liver Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
Dr. Ahmed El-Kased indicated that the session dealt with issues related to the work of the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies and Cultural Relations, and the committee approved the minutes of the previous session meeting and briefed on the follow-up of the decisions that were implemented.
During the meeting, the annual and semi-annual reports of some postgraduate students registered for master's and doctoral degrees for the previous and current academic year were briefed, in addition to briefing on scientific reports submitted by members of scientific missions and scientific reports submitted by university faculty members on their attendance at conferences inside and outside the university in Egyptian universities. Arabic and foreign
El-Kased added that the Graduate Studies Committee discussed during the meeting the plan of the university and colleges in the field of scientific research and postgraduate studies and ways to overcome obstacles facing researchers and graduate students, solve problems of defaulters and follow up students' academic reports.
El-Kased emphasized the necessity of completing the correction work and quickly announcing the results.
In order for students to be given the opportunity to enroll and register according to the credit hours system, and the need to warn students that the results of their annual and semi-annual reports are negative before canceling their registration
El-Kased also directed the need to prepare for the new academic year by preparing study plans and preparing study schedules.
The President of the University emphasized the importance of scientific research and international publishing, pointing out that 241 research papers for faculty members at the university were published in international scientific journals during the month of July, 219 joint research and 22 individual research, while the number of published research reached 25771.
El-Kased announced that the university council agreed in its last session to grant 82 students master's and doctoral degrees, of whom 24 students were granted doctoral degrees, and 58 students were granted master's degrees in the faculties of Science - Education - Electronic Engineering - Engineering - Arts - Computers and Information - Law - Commerce - Home Economics. - Medicine - Specific Education - Nursing - National Liver Institute - Agriculture. Two students were granted a professional master's degree at the Faculty of Commerce in various scientific disciplines. An expatriate student was also awarded a PhD in science, specializing in "Biochemistry".