President Sisi responds to the call of the Egyptians and announces his candidacy for a new presidential term

President Sisi responds to the call of the Egyptians and announces his candidacy for a new presidential term

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Under the patronage and presence of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, the activities of the Story of a Homeland Conference... Between Vision and Achievement were concluded today in the presence of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, a number of ministers and senior statesmen, and representatives of Egyptian society and its various sectors of youth, media figures, politicians, clerics, experts and specialists in various fields. Fields, in order to present the achievements of the Egyptian state in all sectors and institutions of the state.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasid, President of Menoufia University, participated in the conference activities that were held over three days in the New Administrative Capital, noting that the conference witnessed, over three days, a presentation of the achievements of the Egyptian state over the past nine years. The conference also witnessed important discussion sessions on government policies and programs. In supporting the Egyptian economy, major national projects and infrastructure development efforts, issues of national security and international relations, and important sessions today on social justice, health, government spending on the health sector and community initiatives, and the final session to present the results of the conference and future directions for development in Egypt.
The university president expressed his happiness with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s announcement of his candidacy for a new presidential term in response to the call of the Egyptians to renew the covenant and work. President El-Sisi stressed in his speech at the closing session that when he responded to the call of the Egyptians years ago, he only had a strong will to build a great homeland based on... Social justice and a decent life with the help of loyal Egyptians. He has a comprehensive vision to bring about a development shift at all levels. We are on the cusp of the new republic, renewing the pledge and working together to achieve comprehensive development and confront all challenges. He stressed that he is happy with the diversity witnessed by the list of candidates and they have respect and appreciation. He appeals to all Egyptians to participate. In the democratic scene, going to the elections and choosing who will continue the process, because the will of the Egyptians is the main driver for achieving the dream.
The university president added that the most prominent aspect of the conference activities is that the main goal is to simplify matters for the citizen and provide a sufficient explanation that meets his questions, and to confront the challenges facing society with all strength and determination, and the importance of concerted efforts to resolve crises, and what Egypt needs to rise from its burdens and meet the needs of citizens, and the importance of establishing values. Social justice in its comprehensive sense is to build a society in which the citizen is transformed from a recipient of support to an active member in the development of society, which is the goal that the state seeks to achieve, in addition to the importance of confronting corruption and dealing firmly against any wrongdoer, and presenting youth rehabilitation programs and engaging them in achieving comprehensive sustainable development.