The President of Menoufia University is a guest in a television interview on the Faculty of Media channel, which is preparing to be broadcast on YouTube.

The President of Menoufia University is a guest in a television interview on the Faculty of Media channel, which is preparing to be broadcast on YouTube.

Media Management


The Faculty of Mass Communication, Menoufia University, hosted Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of the University, in a television dialogue in the faculty studios, to be the inaugural dialogue for the launch of the YouTube channel of the Faculty of Mass Communication, which is scheduled to be opened soon.

The University President expressed his happiness with the great efforts made and his presence in the midst of a group of future media professionals, praising the college’s studios and large equipment that are comparable to satellite channel studios, stressing the necessity of immediately starting live broadcasting of the College of Media’s channel to serve as the university’s voice to the world.

The university president stressed the need to exploit the university’s existing cadres in all specializations, build international companies, and hold more cooperation protocols to exchange experiences and skills in accordance with the direction of the state and the Ministry of Higher Education.

In his interview, the University President revealed the new programs offered by Menoufia National University in the health, technology and engineering sectors, and the humanities sector, stressing that they are supported by the state almost at the actual cost of study, in order to spread science and knowledge to all segments of society.

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased confirmed that the university pays great attention to university hospitals and their service role and seeks to continue developing them, introducing new equipment, establishing the new medical city, and developing the oncology treatment center to be similar to the Cairo Oncology Institute, as the University Council approved the establishment of the National Oncology Institute at the university.

The university president spoke about the university’s support for the “Study” program
In Egypt” and the interest in international students and the university’s keenness to exchange cultures between countries.
El-Kased stressed the need to keep up with the modern world and exploit the information revolution and industrial revolutions to create a generation of entrepreneurs, stressing that the student must research and strive to qualify for the labor market.
On the sidelines of the meeting, the university president opened the art exhibition held within the activities of the Environmental Cultural Week Festival to serve the community under the slogan “The Voice of Nature.” He praised the artistic works of the college’s male and female students, expressing his happiness that the college is full of brilliant artists, calling on the students to invest their talents in entrepreneurship, small projects, and creativity. Different and diverse job opportunities.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of the University, expressed his happiness at being in the College of Media and all the emerging colleges, and he is very proud of the progress the College is witnessing and the distinguished media cadres and brilliant artists it contains, stressing the University’s constant keenness to provide financial and technical support to the College.

The President of the University was received by Dr. Nadia Al-Qadi, Dean of the College, Dr. Adel Refaat, Vice Dean of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr. Sherine Al-Beheiri, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Dr. Howaida Al-Durr, Head of the Department of Radio and Television. The dialogue was conducted by student Farah Othman, a student in the fourth year of the Department of Radio and Television. Faculty of Information, Menoufia University.