The President of Menoufia University witnesses the first dialogue forum for international students at the university

The President of Menoufia University witnesses the first dialogue forum for international students at the university

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This morning, Dr. Ahmed El-Kased , President of Menoufia University, witnessed the first dialogue forum for international students at Menoufia University, in the presence of Dr. Hazem Saleh, Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Sobhi Sharaf, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr. Ghada Ali, Executive Coordinator of the Office of International Relations and Supervisor of Expatriates, and Dr. Muhammad Lutfi, the university’s expatriate coordinator, and the university’s male and female students from various sister countries, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Yemen.

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased , President of the University, welcomed the attendance of the forum and the international male and female students, stressing that Egypt is the heart of the Arab world and the Arab countries, united by origins, religion and Arabism, stressing that the expatriates are in their second country, Egypt, pointing out that the university embraces all its children, takes care of its expatriate students, and makes them equal to its Egyptian students.

The university president listened to all the incoming male and female students and stressed the need to overcome all the obstacles they face. He ordered the formation of a committee to look into complaints and develop radical solutions for them by specialists and study individual and general cases, pointing out that the university cares greatly about the students’ life matters, whether residing in the country or within the governorate. While facilitating the stay of students in youth hostels at the university and university cities, and paying attention to providing sports, cultural and scientific activities, it implements state regulations in all aspects, indicating that the university has reduced the value of study hours and accepted the excuses of those who are late in enrolling in the first academic year, while providing an electronic website that contributes to serving expatriates in All aspects, whether academic schedules, application and provision of health care and accommodation, pointing out that Menoufia University is one of the first universities to issue a decision to exempt Gaza students who have obtained high school and those affected by the current events there from study expenses.

El-Kased stressed that the Egyptian state and the Ministry of Higher Education provide many benefits to expatriates, explaining that financial matters related to educational expenses and fees are determined in accordance with the rules, regulations and agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and the relevant authorities in sister countries.

For his part, Dr. Hazem Saleh Ali stressed that the university provides a distinguished educational service to its expatriate students, indicating that the expatriate system is improving and striving to reach what they aspire to.

He also announced that his office is open at any time to any student to provide them with services and solutions.

In her speech, Dr. Ghada Ali referred to the new activities offered to international students in terms of life and the housing sector, and the opportunity to participate in sporting activities, recreational, sports, artistic and cultural trips. A chess league will also be held, and a full sports day for expatriates.

During the forum, a documentary film was shown about the facilities and services provided by the university to expatriates and what has been accomplished in the expatriates office in the recent period, including various sports, recreational and scientific activities, the housing sector and aspects of life.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the incoming students praised everything that the university offers them, extending their sincere thanks to the university leaders and all those responsible for the services they provide, stressing that the university is their second home and Egypt their second homeland. They also feel that the university president is a father to them, pointing to all the health care the university provides. Scientific and social.

The forum was attended by a large number of deans and deputies of colleges, representatives of embassies of Arab countries, male and female students in various colleges, various academic teams, members of the press and media, members of the international relations offices and the expatriate office at the university, and many international students at the university.