El-Kased signs a cooperation protocol between Menoufia University and Menoufia National University for Health Care and Training

El-Kased signs a cooperation protocol between Menoufia University and Menoufia National University for Health Care and Training

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, who is in charge of managing the work of Menoufia National University, and Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President of Menoufia National University for Academic Affairs, signed a cooperation protocol in the medical and training fields for students of Menoufia National University.

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased confirmed that this protocol is one of the steps and means of scientific and service cooperation between the two universities, especially since Menoufia University is an ancient university that possesses a lot of human and material capabilities and provides various societal services to the community, and supports all means of cooperation with other universities, especially medical and therapeutic services in various specialties. Medical services provided by the university hospitals, and Menoufia National University represents a new educational institution that has received the support of the political leadership to provide distinguished educational service through educational programs that keep pace with international developments and standards. Therefore, an agreement was made between the two parties to cooperate with each other and take advantage of the capabilities available at Menoufia University Hospitals.

The protocol aims to provide therapeutic services through university hospitals, which include the University Hospital, the Liver Institute Hospital, and the Student Hospital, to conduct a medical examination for new students, conduct analyses, examinations, and x-rays, perform surgeries and operations, and dispense medications and medical supplies. Students are transferred by letter addressed to the University Hospitals from Menoufia National University.

The university president added that the protocol also stipulates the provision of training services to students of Menoufia National University during the years of study and years of “excellence” training in accordance with the rules established by Menoufia University in the field of training and continuing medical education. The two parties agreed to hold a meeting at the beginning of each new academic year to determine the means and goals. What is to be achieved and prices for the services provided.

Dr. Nancy Asaad expressed her thanks to the President of Menoufia University for concluding this protocol, which provides the provision of medical, therapeutic and training services to students, stressing that the training services that Menoufia University will provide to students of Menoufia National University are a great opportunity to develop their capabilities and qualify them for work through training at the hands of a distinguished elite of cadres. Medical training, and the possibility of training at Menoufia University Hospitals, which include all medical specialties, which contributes to preparing students well at all levels.

The signing of the protocol was witnessed by Dr. Hazem Saleh, Vice President of Menoufia University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Marwa Mahfouz, Advisor to the University President for Pharmaceutical Affairs.