The President of Menoufia University chairs the University Council session..

The President of Menoufia University chairs the University Council session..

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- The Council extends its thanks to the President of the Republic for his sovereignty’s decisions to reduce the living burdens on citizens

- The Council approves the establishment of the Menoufia University Sports Club

- It discusses establishing a free psychological support unit for students

- The Voice of Nature application reviews “sustainable awareness”

Dr. Ahmed El-Kased , President of Menoufia University, held the University Council session for the month of February in the presence of the University’s Vice Presidents, Dr. Sobhi Sharaf for community service and environmental development, Dr. Hazem Saleh for graduate studies and research, and the deans of the colleges.

The President of the University began the session by offering congratulations, in his name and in the name of the Council, to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to the Egyptian people, and to the children and employees of the University on the imminent advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. May God bring it back to everyone with goodness, right and blessings, and may God preserve Egypt in goodness, prosperity and peace.

The Council also thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, for his sovereignty’s decisions that included an integrated social package to urgently reduce the living burdens on citizens, which confirms his sovereignty’s concern for the masses of the Egyptian people in all sectors and to contain the greatest amount of repercussions of external economic crises and turmoil and their internal impacts.

The University President congratulated all the students and employees of Menoufia University on the occasion of the inclusion of Menoufia University in the Webometrics classification in the January 2024 edition, among 79 Egyptian educational institutions. The Webometrics classification is the largest classification in terms of the number of higher education institutions that are analyzed in preparation for participation in the classification, thanking Dr. Hazem. Saleh, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Osama Abdel Raouf, Dean of Artificial Intelligence, for their efforts in this achievement.

El-Kased pointed out his participation in the opening activities of the 14th session of the International Forum and Exhibition for Higher Education and Training, EduGate, in the presence of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education. During the forum, a certificate of honor was received from Menoufia University for its progress in the Arab classification of universities for the year 2023, in the presence of Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities. Ambassador Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, where the university ranked eighth at the level of Egyptian universities, and nineteenth at the level of Arab universities out of a total of 115 Arab universities evaluated this year, adding that this classification will contribute to strengthening the position of Arab universities in international rankings. It will provide the opportunity for universities to conduct benchmark comparisons in addition to enhancing the competitiveness of Arab universities to reach the level of international universities, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to raise the university’s ranking in international classifications in implementation of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The University President briefed the members on what happened during the last session of the Supreme Council in the New Valley and participated in the activities of laying the foundation stone for the Egyptian university land project in the New Valley, where the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research laid the foundation stone for the project in the presence of Major General Muhammad Al-Zamlot, Governor of the New Valley, and Dr. Mustafa Refaat, Secretary of the Supreme Council. For universities and university presidents, explaining that the Egyptian university land project is the first of the presidential initiative “Alliance and Development” and in implementation of the cooperation protocol that was signed between the Supreme Council of Universities and the New Valley Governorate regarding the allocation of 1,000 acres to the universities participating in the project to develop scientific research, agricultural and technological experiments, and the cultivation of strategic crops and medicinal and aromatic plants. To serve the goals of sustainable development, and support efforts to reclaim and cultivate lands using the latest agricultural methods and modern irrigation systems to achieve increased productivity in agricultural crops, stressing that it has been decided to establish the Egyptian Business Valley Company for Agricultural Technology and Sciences “East Valley” as an Egyptian joint stock company to manage and supervise the project.

Before the start of the session’s activities, the Faculty of Information at Menoufia University presented an electronic application to raise environmental awareness about environmental sustainability and the trend towards green, under the slogan “The Voice of the Environment and Sustainable Awareness.” The project includes graphic designs presented by male and female students of the college that reflect the sustainability of the environment, national products, influential figures, visual identity, and environmental recycling. It is scheduled to be added The project is in the “Environmentally Friendly University” competition file. The application was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Nadia Al-Qadi, Dean of the College, Dr. Sherine Al-Beheiri, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr. Karim Al-Sayed, and Dr. Iman Salah El-Din.

During the session, the Council approved the university president’s proposal to establish the Menoufia University Sports Club, which comes within the framework of the university’s vision for comprehensive development and benefiting from its capabilities at the facilities and academic levels, as well as to provide greater training opportunities for university students through the formation of sports teams that compete in various sports. It also aims to establish The Social Sports Club provides sports, recreational and social services for faculty members, workers and students. The Council discussed the general controls and regulations to begin taking the necessary measures.

The University President discussed the proposal to establish a free psychological and psychological support clinic unit for students in order to provide all means of psychological support to students and also provide psychological treatment in order to contribute to building the student and caring for him psychologically and socially, based on the university’s societal role. The University President directed the formation of a committee whose members include the Dean of the College of Medicine and the Dean. The College of Nursing, the Dean of the College of Arts, and the Dean of the College of Education to develop the general vision and executive regulations for establishing this important unit to serve students, in addition to focusing on awareness seminars to correct misconceptions among students and develop the spirit of belonging within them.