Mubarak holds university council session for June 2021 and agrees to pay Eid al-Adha bonus.

Mubarak holds university council session for June 2021 and agrees to pay Eid al-Adha bonus.

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of The University of Menoufia, held a session of the University Council for June 2021 in the presence of the members of the Council, and began the session by offering sincere congratulations on behalf of all the employees of the University of Menoufia to His Excellency President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of the Republic and to the Egyptian people on the occasion of the anniversary of the 30th of June revolution, this popular epic that dazzled the world and was the starting point for the progress of the development process, praising the efforts and achievements of the President of the Republic during this period, and wishing his sovereignty more progress and sophistication to raise the country, while emphasizing the support of the president of the republic and his achievements during this period. University of Menoufia in the face of any efforts required by the state to realize the dream of the new republic.

Mubarak resumed the session by following up on the progress of the second semester exams at the university colleges to the extent of commitment to apply the necessary preventive and precautionary measures to protect against THE CORONA VIRUS and to maintain the safety of all those in charge of the examination work.

The President of the University continued the session by briefing members on the most important events and activities of the month and congratulating the faculties (education, nursing, medicine) for winning the first three positions in the environmental excellence competition for the second term, the Faculty of Sports Education for winning first place in the sports presentation competition, and for the department of neurological and psychological diseases at the Hospitals of the University of Menoufia for winning the Platinum Award in the quality of medical care provided in the field of management and treatment of stroke patients from the World Stroke Organization

Mubarak pointed to the start of the work of mobile teams to receive the Corona vaccine at the building of the Information Center in the General Administration of the University, which was equipped in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to vaccinate the university's children, and continue to work on it to provide vaccinations to all university applicants to take the vaccine.

The president of the university agreed to pay a reward to all university employees on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, which amounts to one and a half months of basic salary with a minimum of 700 pounds, congratulating her on this occasion, which God returned to everyone with good blessings.