The President of Menoufia University reviews to the Coordination of Parties the project to establish the National Cancer Institute and its therapeutic, research and training role

The President of Menoufia University reviews to the Coordination of Parties the project to establish the National Cancer Institute and its therapeutic, research and training role

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, presented to the members of the parties’ coordination the project to establish the National Cancer Institute and its future role in providing medical, therapeutic and research services, as well as its role in providing the necessary training to doctors in the governorate’s hospitals and neighboring governorates on the latest techniques of treatment and surgeries of tumors, and its awareness-raising role in limiting the spread of the disease.
El-Kased pointed out that the establishment of a National Cancer Institute at Menoufia University has become necessary to accommodate the large numbers of visitors to the oncology hospital for treatment, as the Oncology Hospital at Menoufia University provided medical services to about 35,000 patients according to 2022 statistics, in addition to receiving 700 patients per day for follow-up and treatment, explaining that The current place does not have enough restrooms for patients and their companions, or enough places to receive treatment, indicating that the university has raised the hospitals and reached the maximum heights to expand the medical complex and increase the capacity of hospitals.
El-Kased Ali stressed that the university seeks to increase the clinical capacity to accommodate the largest number of oncology patients in the governorate and the neighboring governorates through a hospital designed and equipped according to the latest technologies in the treatment of oncology, serving patients in the entire Delta region, indicating that the oncology patient cannot healthily tolerate frequent movement between different departments, which It requires the presence of an equipped laboratory and a qualified surgical department to deal with cases of tumor patients and places equipped to deal with taking tumor samples in the place in order to work on the patient’s comfort, pointing out that there is no space currently in the building that can accommodate these procedures that take place in different departments.
The university president added that the university developed a vision to transform the oncology hospital into an integrated hospital to provide diagnostic and treatment services for patients, in addition to a national institute that performs a research and educational role in the prevention and early detection of tumors, through 6 departments: tumor biology, the department of medical statistics and scientific research, and the department Nuclear medicine, leukemia, surgical oncology, and oncology departments.
El-Kased announced that the institute will provide practical training for doctors in the specializations of oncology, with the awarding of master's and doctoral degrees in the specializations of oncology, oncology surgery and nuclear medicine.
Dr. Ahmed El-Kased  also explained that the university has developed a plan through the University Needs Committee to assign a larger number of teaching assistants in specialties that have a deficit in some specializations to provide the necessary medical personnel in various specializations for university hospitals and hospitals of the Ministry of Health, indicating that providing educational and training services is an essential role. for the university.
El-Kased said that the institute's equipment will also include the establishment of a pediatric tumor unit, a bone marrow transplantation unit, and a PET CT nuclear medicine unit, with the provision of radioactive iodine administration with a therapeutic dose for thyroid patients, a pathology laboratory, and a medical analysis laboratory.
El-Kased expressed his hope to complete the construction of the Oncology Institute project and the new oncology hospital within a time plan of up to 24 months, upon providing the necessary funding, amounting to about 700 million Egyptian pounds, which is a small amount compared to the services that will be provided by the National Cancer Institute, in addition to the giant medical city project that will bring about a quantum leap. In providing medical services in the province.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Sobhi Sharaf, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Nasser Abdel Bari, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohamed Sabry, Executive Director of University Hospitals, Accountant Jalal Abdel Salam, Secretary General of the University, and Souad Bayoumi, Head of Central Administration. to the University President's Office.